Paddling Mexico!


I'm considering a whitewater kayaking trip to Mexico this fall, possibly the end of October through most of November. Has anyone here done any paddling down there? Any suggestions, thoughts or comments? I'm comfortable paddling just about anything from steep creeks to playboating, waterfalls to gorgeous scenic whitewater.



paddling mexico

I went down to Veracruz in 1994 with the Nantahala Outdoor Center. We ran the Rio Filo Bobos, and three others that i can not remember now. All class III- IV rivers. Great fun, as I went with 3 of my buddies. There is a compaany that has a great reputation down there named Esprit. They also run trips in Costa Rica, and I have heard good things about them. If you check on there should be some people who have more recent experience. Also, I think Esprit stopped running trips in Mexico due to the violence that was going on.