Package deal of tons of brand new safety harnesses, dupont coveralls, raincoat and drum. Package for $500!

I don't know if it is ok to post such a for sale on this forum, but I have these at home and looking to let someone have it for a really good price. My wish is to sell all of these to 1 person. I am willing to drive up to 200 miles or 3 hours to meet halfway with a serious buyer. Anything more, if you can cover my gas, we may meet. I can definitely not ship since you can see it is a lot and I wish to sell as a package deal. I have provided pictures for you to look up the things online to see what I am asking for them is really cheap.

If you know someone who might be interested in buying it all, feel free to let me know and I can send you my number to give them.

My ultimate wish it to sell everything here to 1 person for $500. Pretty fair price. everything is brand new.

Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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I selling 1 of these for $25. I have 13 of them.
13 X $25 = $325

I am selling 1 of these for $25. I have 9.
9 X $25 = $225

Dupont Tychem SL. I have 12 of these. $5 each.
12 X $5 = $60

Dupont Tempro coverall. I have 22 of these. $2 each.
22 X $2 = $44

Safety Drum Funnel. I see this online pretty expensive. I will sell this for $50.

Classic Raincoat. 2 for $25 each.
2 X $25 = $50

Stanco coverall. 2 for $25 each.
2 X $25 = $50

All the prices I have put next to the items above all sum up to $804.

But I wish to make a deal and sell all to 1 buyer for $500. 1 buyer takes it all.
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I truly do not have any use for these and just want to give them away for dead cheap.

Please, PM if interested. But like I said above, the most realistic way of getting these things is meeting in person. So, that may make sales hard to come by.