PA SGL 57 tour

Had the opportunity on Sunday to participate in the Pennsylvania State Game Land #57 tour put on by the state game commission. An opportunity for sportsmen and those just curious to tour the game lands on usually gated tracts and roads. Also, numerous sporting groups set up areas to discuss what they do to protect resources and bring in new members. Groups such as Ducks Unlimited, NWTF, Whitetails Unlimited, etc. it was a great (drizzly) day but gave the public an opportunity to explore their state men aged lands used for hunting and fishing. A large turnout as well. Me and my buddy "Kobi" had a great time! If anyone is interested, there will be other tours of other game lands in upcoming weeks. Check out the Pennsylvania State Game Commission website for information.



That’s my got to hunting area. It’s big enough you can actually get away from all the lazy hunters if you are willing to put in the boot time.