Oztents - difference between RV and RX tents?


So, I am finally looking at putting together my M101a2 as a base camp for hunting trips and family camping trips. I have been waffling between a RTT, just using my giant 10 person turbo tent, or building some sort of enclosure on the camper.
I do want to be able to allow the trailer to serve multiple duties, not only as a base camp trailer, but also as a general utility trailer. So building out some sort of enclosure is off the table. The RTT's have me concerned with high wind. We do a lot of trips in CO, WY, MT and UT and wind can really be a problem. I have watched several youtube vids and people have brought up high wind as a con to RTT. Just seems like it would be a parachute for wind, being up 7ft off the ground.
So, I am really liking the idea of the Oztent RV-5 / RX-5 . Being able to potentially team it with an awning on the trailer, and have the opening of the tent face the tailgate of the tent, and have that "common" space covered by awning, seems like it might work well. That way, the lowered tailgate could double as a table/counter space, I could keep water and power onboard the trailer, and have easy access to the trailer, and have a common covered area for hanging out.
Does anyone know what the true difference is between the RV models and RX models? From what I gather, the RX is a heavier material and has some different window configuration. Is it worth it to pony up the extra couple hundred bucks for the RX ?



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I had your exact question, on what the real difference between the RV and RX was. I don't own these tents, so take this with a grain of salt, but this is what I have found with exhaustive research. It basically comes down to three things, the material, the skylight, and the awning room. I have seen it said in a few places that the somewhat mysterious Modcan fabric that they use on the RX, is primarily just a more synthetic blend that allowed them to meet fireproofing standards for other countries. Supposedly has some better strength qualities and stuff as well. The real difference is the awning room. The awning room on the RX is different than the RV in two ways. The walls for the room is one piece, vs the side wall and separate front wall for the RV. The RX also has the zip in bathtub floor for the awning room, essentially making it one big tent. The RV doesn't have a sealed floor option, only the mesh ground mat possibility. RX and RV stuff seems to not be interchangable, due to zippers or something. So it's a question of modularity/what awning room features you particularly want. That's the main difference that I could find. The material and the skylight option being the secondary differences. Posting for posterity's sanity...


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I understand your dilemma. After researching Oztents for the last year I finally am settled on the Eyre 1, there is also an Eyre 2. I initially was drawn to the RV 3. That said, it might be worth a phone call to the main US distributor of Oztents, that being http://familytentcamping.com. Plus, you might score a bit of a discount also.


Skip the Oztent. I bought an RV-5 and used it a for two weeks on a trip out West and back, plus a few weekend trips. Owned the tent for about 13-14 months and made the mistake of trying to use it for winter camping in Michigan in March of this year. One of the plastic parts on the frame broke in the cold weather ( about 3 degrees fahrenheit) and I was told this was normal wear and tear and not covered by the warranty. So approximately $1500 worth of tent was rendered useless by a cheap plastic part. They were more than happy however to sell me $130 worth of repair parts. I did fix it but because of how it's built and pressed together, you have to break the plastic parts to salvage the metal frame pieces just so you can fix the plastic parts. It's not designed to be repaired, only replaced. Just FYI everyone. They setup quick, take down quick, and fail quick.