OZTent RV4 For Sale......SOLD


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Hello everyone....putting my OZTent RV4 up for sale. Just looking to go a different direction. This is a great tent....would like to get rid of everything as a package. After every use it gets cleaned, air dried and never put away wet. There are 2 pin head holes on the right side wall...they were there when I bought the tent and never have leaked ever...

I have the following with bags.

- RV4 with stakes

- Deluxe Peak Side Panels

- Deluxe Front Panel

- Rain Fly

- OzTent Ground Cover

If you were to order everything it would be over $1700....I am willing to sell everything for $1100. Would prefer local pickup in the Greenville, Charlotte or Atlanta area. I also get to Detroit MI area and will be there in June....
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Calling-in from east of the Rockies
Any photos of the whole setup? I've been considering ditching my RTT for an OT. I was drooling over their displays at the Expo East last year. I'm right down the road in Augusta too.