Ozark Trail 8-Person Instant Hexagon Tent with LED Lights being clearanced for $40


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not usually. Clearance is for blowing out inventory already in the stores. Items either previously not selling, discontinued or being replaced with a new model item. The master list pricing comes out of Walmart HQ, the store managers have to manually take in the price reductions and get the merch re-tagged. But sometimes they accept the price ductions, sometimes they dont. sometimes they accept but don't re-mark or relocate the merch to the 'Clearance' aisle. Often you can go into the store, find the item and have it scanned and it comes up the clearance price even though the shelf and item are tagged higher.
It's a bit of a deal-hunting game.
And it's really bad with sporting goods and firearms / ammo related stuff. Lot of anecdotes of employees actively hiding stuff, claiming it can't be found, until they or their friends can score the bargain. Anecdotes of folks having to get either store managers or employees fom non-related departments to go look for stuff that shows in inventory.
Best strategy seems to be look for a sufficient quantity at a store near you, go there in person and find the item and then get it price -checked to confirm before you buy. It seems if you call ahead and ask you have poor odds of getting a truthful answer and just might be tipping off a bargain-hunting employee that there's a deal to be scored, thereby acing yourself out of a deal. That huge ar15.com topic has quite a number of anecdotes about the tribulations of scoring some of these deals.

I just tried this evening to score a gallon of tire Slime for $5 on clearance, store was supposed to have 3, shelf had 8 in a near-identical container. But stock number / sku were different and they were full price, $26, and nothing in the clearance aisle and nobody in automotive or sporting goods knew anything or would go look anywhere. sku 45791116, good luck. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss.
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