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Made a video for what Limb Risers

Well after 9,671 requests on what the wires are for on my Jeep, I was finally able to make a solid video thanks to both Brian Grimmett and Taylor Tinklepaugh. The wires are called LIMB RISERS.... they perform the name they are given my making limbs rise over the vehicle/rack which prevents damage to the windscreen, snorkel, and A-pillar..... and actually gives the driver and passenger a chance when limbs are hitting us every 3.5 seconds with the doors off. They work on narrow 4-wheeler trails when you don't mind a scratch or two. They can be bought as a kit or made from home depot for about 80 USD. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K9tn0fC2ug


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New Metalcloak springs for a TJ on an XJ *short review*

After installing some Deaver springs and realizing that they didnt pair well with my OME shocks, I decided to look for a spring similar (spring rate and flex) to my OME coil that was part of my first lift. It was butter on the road and off...... the bad thing is, they only lift you an inch and a half. Im trying to stay with a moderate size tyre and smaller lift with no clearance issues...... Ive tried Rubicon Express, coil spacers, Deavers and Old man emu only to find they didnt fit the bill. They either fell out (RE, deaver), were too harsh (deaver), or were too short (OME)....... Then I found these http://www.metalcloak.com/TJ-LJ-Wrangler-Coils-Dual-Rate-5-5-Front-p/7062.htm I knew it would drop me about a half inch from 5.5 (lower is better) and it would meet my needs (not fall out and be a similar spring rate)....... I was iffy when i purchased them but once they went in and i rode my first ride..... welcome back to driving heaven..... they paired perfectly with the OME shocks and wouldnt fall out unless you unbolted the shocks/limit straps and dropped the axle four more inches (i have a 3-link). This is with an ARB bullbar, Warn 8k winch, wire rope and dual battery setup (lots of additional weight).... so they work great for the heavy loads that we carry. These dual rate springs will amaze you and the price is competitive considering they are the only one who offers these. *deaver coil on left, metalcloak dual rate coil on right* innovate or die trying.
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