OverlandXJ 2000 Jeep XJ build thread


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no, they dont guide limbs, they hold the roof rack on, and are structurally part of the vehicle..... the frame doesnt do anything, its all the cables.


Nicely equipped to handle just about anything. Great sunset pic.

I think we parked next to you in front of Academy in The Woodlands about a month ago. Don't see too many rigs around configured like that. We were in a Tacoma that is pretty much stock so it was just another truck in the lot. Our Expo LJ was home in the garage.


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Thanks! So glad you got a thread for your rig! Follow you on Instagram and love seeing your pics. I want my xj build close to how yours is done.


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Got a Yeti cooler for my day trips. With REIs warranty, I had to test it out, right now in 90 degree heat, ice was in there for over 4 days, testing dry ice with regular ice now.


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Had to rebuild my relays in my ARB dual air compressor today. I burnt them up by not having the jeep on while testing out the air tank for my TORR run tomorrow. That was fun. Still have to finish my drivers side rocker panel and complete the rest of the passenger side. going to add on fender gaurds after.


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Pretty cool. Much cooler is the cooler, but several hundred bucks to keep things cool! You going on a multi day excursion that requires your stuff to be cold. Igloo coolers probably suck badly compared to something like this but are very inexpensive. With an expensive budget, anyone can have anything they put their minds to.
I cant wait to see more of the adventure you have put ahead of yourself with your xj.


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Do you have a write up for cutting the hole in the roof? I've thought about doing the same, but maybe getting the Street Beat Customs Rag Top. I'm just concerned with the structural integrity since I don't have a cage. I'm also interested in how you mounted the Limb Risers to the bumper and rack. Thanks.

Do not cut top without cage! Its very structural on a unitbody. The ragtop would not work with my rack, so it saved me 900 dollars. The limb risers can be made at home depot with all the components you see for 80 bucks, all stainless.