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There is the Snow Peak field oven. I have one and use it to make pizza. Its hard to regulate heat and like a dutch oven needs some experience to get cooking times down. Its used with the Snow Peak large firepit so its pricey. My firepit is probably my most used piece of camping equipment btw.


The Cobb has served me well over the years. Roast chickens, baked potatoes, pizzas, grilled steaks and ribs and whatever I can think up. It uses a small amount of charcoal so not good during fire bans.
We use it all the time camping and for tailgating. It's a small space so only good for 2-3 people.


I own both the Omnia and Coleman ovens. Both work well with some practice but none, in my humble opinion, work as well as a cast iron dutch oven as Laps said above. For solo and lighter weight I also like the Banks Fry-Bake deep Alpine pan which I did a review on for Dickin’ Around Outdoors on YouTube if you are not familiar.


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I use the Coleman camp stove and like it. Some have recommended putting a ceramic tile on the bottom to avoid burning the bottom of whatever you're baking. My wife covered the oven rack with a couple wraps of heavy duty aluminum foil and that works great.


I have a couple different options for ovens.
1) Steam baking with a riser and silicone muffin holders. Light, compact but limited in what you can make. I use this mainly on backpacking trips where weight is a priority and I am not taking an Outback Oven.
2) Dutch Ovens. I can use these with both coals and on the stove with a fabric cover. Heavy and slow but good for large groups. Rarely goes with me.
3) Outback Ovens. IMHO the best combination of versatility, packability and weight. The best camp baking product that never really sold that well and is sadly not being made anymore ( I worked Outdoor Retail for 3 decades). I have 4 of the 10 inchers and a couple of the Ultralite setups. I carry 2 in my carcamping setup and will often take them on backpacking trips where fishing is on the agenda. With these I can use them as frypans or ovens.


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Another stove-top oven that has gotten a lot of press in the Overlanding Community is the Omnia Stove Top Oven:

Omnia Oven: The Ultimate Camping Oven - Fresh Off The Grid

Even the Expedition Portal did a write-up on this:

Reviewed: The Omnia Oven We Never Knew We Needed - Expedition Portal

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Figure around $65.00. I'd been mildly tempted to get one to try it out (especially after I had read the Expedition Portal write-up way-back-when linked above), but just haven't yet. Some folks love them. I just think it has limitations (can I make a pizza with one?), and it seems kinda bulky. But if making muffins or a cake, it might just be the ticket. And I wouldn't have to unfold it and put it together like I do with my Coleman folding oven before I can use it. There are optional accessories you can purchase for this thing depending on what you're wanting it to do.

Oven & Accessories - Omnia (omniasweden.com)

Let us know if you've used an Omnia, and what your thoughts are.
I've had an omnia oven for about 2 years now, though haven't used it much this year.
I use the lil silicone sleeve liner. Primarily bake sourdough bread in it. I'll have to look for pictures but it's done a great job, though sure there's some definite fiddling with Temps and time to dial it in, but jus take a few notes an set a baseline an you're good. I use a infrared thermometer to keep an eye on the temp, obviously there's plenty of other ways. Baked for quite a bit just lining up the dial on the burner an taking notes, bit way simpler wit the temp gun.

I switched to a hightop van a couple years back from the Tacoma an topper I used to base outta. Pretty slick to be able to set up on the counter an bake wherever you are posted up.

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