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I have a bunch of stuff sitting in my garage that is looking for a new home.

1. SOLD MSA DS60 fridge drop slide w/ cage. $800.
2. SOLD Dometic CFX75 with case. $850.
3. 305/65 18 BFG TA KO2. 10K miles on 4 of them. One is new (mounted but never driven on). $1,000 for all 5 (not interested in separating).
4. SOLD LightForce HTX lights (NOT HTX2, as the box states) + wire harness. $250 for the pair.
5. SOLD iKamper Aioks. Never used. $250
6. SOLD Goal Zero Yeti 150. $100
7. SOLD Jackery Explorer 500. $300
8. SOLD Rakattach. Left (driver) swing, large. $220
9. SOLD Tembo Tusk skottle with accessories (case, lid, etc...). $175

Will LightForce, Goal Zero, Jackery, and Tembo Tusk at buyers cost.

Will NOT ship iKamper Aioks, Rackattach, MSA fridge drop slide/cage, Dometic CFX75, BFGs.

Located in Redondo Beach, CA.



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Any chance you’d let the slide go without the fridge?

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