Overland XJ Build. Not my first Rodeo.....(video included)

Overland History

The only thing I could think of to do would be to do a rear sump oil pan, and somehow extend the pickup tube of the oil pump to the rear sump on the engine block....


Overland History

This is what the pan started out as, narrowed an maximumly clearanced at the front to help clear the upper control arms while still utilizing the stock oil pump and pickup. The threaded hole in the side is for the Turbo oil drain. This pan comes modified from a company out of Pennsylvania, and I was told by the owner on the phone that is would clear the front axle just fine with only 2in of lift. Well, I've got 3.5in of lift and you can see in the previous picture that I was clearly lied to.


Overland History

Once my buddy Jamie in Alabama got a hold of the pan to build me a rear sump pan and extended oil pump pickup, this is what we ended up with. He does some amazing work! 🆒

The notch cut out of the front of the pan is to help clear my trackbar. I should have the pan back early next week for an official test fitment! :)


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Overland History

A few more pictures of how the Rear Sump Pickup Tube and Rear Sump Oil Pan turned out on the OM617 Mercedes Turbo-Diesel. This is completely custom work and to my knowledge, hasn't been done before. :)


I built a small bracket to support the pickup tube that bolts down on the 3rd Crank Cap.


Overland History

This is the 3rd Modification on this Oil Pan, and it now clears the front axle perfectly during articulation. With all of the labor and shipping, I'm now the proud owner of a $1200 oil pan. :)



Overland History

This is where I currently am. I'm starting to get all of the accessories installed on the OM617 Mercedes Turbo-Diesel. Aside from the power steering pump, every single accessory is brand new. The alternator is a John Deere 150amp upgrade from the stock 75amp alternator.

Every seal in the motor has been replaced, as well as timing chain. I rebuilt the turbo and replaced the intake/exhaust gasket. I deleted the EGR and cleaned in the inside of the intake as well.

I've got fuel lines on order, as well as a bracket to work with the stock Jeep throttle cable. Cooling hoses have come in, and I'm waiting on a custom oil filter housing that converts the internal paper filter to a canister spin-on style. I've got a brand new upgraded oil cooler as well. Power steering lines are one of the things I'm working on now.

I expect she'll be running in a matter of weeks. :)


Recommended books for Overlanding


Can you provide more details on the swap? I currently have the same setup sitting in the garage. Can you show the throttle bracket? What did you do for the transmission? Are you using the AW4 if so are you using something like a radesign shifter? Did you get the factory gauges to work?