Overland Vehicle Choices?


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Sold the 07 Chevy awhile back and bought a 06 470. It’s been a great vehicle and I’ve taken it on many 5 hour one way/ 300 mile trips to the Ozarks. It’s currently sits at 201,000 miles. But now my wander lust has grown and I want to start going on some farther expeditions. I’m thinking Utah/ Colorado/ Wyoming maybe even Canada. These will all be 1000-1500 miles/ 18 to 30 hour one way adventures.
I KNOW this is the Land Cruiser forum, but wanted to ask for some advice on vehicle choices. Get the 470 running as best I can, replace any wear parts etc, or look for a lower mileage rig- if the lower mileage option- 200 Series? Tacoma? 4Runner? Jeep?

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I bought a 200k miles Prado 120 (GX470) and 2 week later took it on a 3 month 10k miles Africa trip last year. March this year I set of on another similar trip although corona meant much less mileage.

Keep the GX well maintained and it will do the job easily.


Assuming you have an LX470, I wouldn't be concerned about 200k miles as long as you've kept up on the maintenance? Should be on it's 2nd timing belt by now, steering rack known to need replacement about now ($$$$), and AHC are likely the big issues with your rig. If you're rig has no rust underneath, I would keep it and get ready for your trip!

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Keep the 470, it’s just now broke in. I’ve 320,000 miles on my 450. It is a semi-daily driver, ( I’m retired ) and we take it on 10,000 mile tours every year, along with a lot of short trips closer to home. We’ve dumped a pile of money into it over the last three years. ( top end, front and rear mains, oil pump seal, new cats, etc ) I do all of the other little stuff myself. ( bushings, brakes, power steering pump, etc ) point being? I know what I have, I know what it can do, and I’m confident in my meticulous, anal retentive, maintenance schedule and record keeping. Be happy with yours and keep driving !!


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200k on a LX470 is nothing. And a 2006, that's a good year. I would love to find one like that for sale. Hmmm.. On Second thought, sell that POS. Its gonna die any day now...