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Chronicles our humble north American adventure through the us and Canada, with all the service, mountain biking, camping and breweries along the way. We are about 7 months in now and hope to go till at least November.


Backcountry Byways Journal

With my backcountry travel blog, Backcountry Byways Journal, I'm attempting to make what I learn while exploring the wildlands of the American West more accessible and timely than my guidebooks can accomplish. Please have a look. Practical content suggestions (meaning, things I'm able to do and places I can really go) are welcome!

Recommended books for Overlanding


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5 Kids, Every Country in North and South America

Our family of seven is traveling in a modified Ford F250 (that runs on vegetable oil), and planning on visiting every country in North and South America over the next 2-3 years.

We left Alaska in April 2011, and we'll be crossing into Mexico this month (Oct 2011).

Our websites share our family travel adventures, and also helps others to design the life of their dreams.


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It's the rainy season, and as bad as it's been in the US the last few weeks, it's worse in Central America.

My father was just on a Tica Bus trip from Managua to Costa Rica, and the bus was delayed in Chinandega by a few hours.


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Crossing Africa by a Campervan

We started in 2009 to cross Africa in 4 months. But as always in Africa it comes different as you expect. Now we are still on tour (2011) have changed the campervan for an old Land Rover (Series 3 - she is beautiful!) and make a pause at the moment in Namibia. Many people asked us to write a BLOG about Crossing Africa, so we started to do so and try to write everyday on post or more to keep up with the actual date. So enjoy reading our unbelievable story, which changed our lives completely.
Eric and Alexandra and dog Tara
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Hi All

New Site: http://overlandsphere.com

Over the last few weeks we have put together an new overlanding site. The site will bring you the latest blog updates from around the world and is designed to be a research tool for overlanders archiving past and current blogs. We hope it will become a great resource for overlanders going forward.

The site is now live, so please have a look, it's during the early stages of the website, when we have the flexibility to make numerous changes, so any suggestions would be welcome.

If you have your own blog and would like to sign up please follow this link: Register

P.s our personal site is in the footer, and on OverlandSphere.