Overland Route Map for Pan American Drive


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Family of five from Idaho planning a trip down the Pan American Route. I’m looking for some general route guidelines for the drive, I.e. map of folks previous routes. I’m familiar with iOverlander and I realize I can use google maps. It would be great to find a blog with a map of their experiences at each stop.

Our plan is to spend the summer on the road for three months and then put our vehicle in storage and come back the following year. We’re trying to find the balance between an ordinary life and a full time overlander. There’s so many inspirational stories out there from awesome travelers- we’re trying to create our own.

Planning on hitting the road June 2019 in our truck camper.


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I think it will be very hard to find a blog with a map and day to day experiences at each stop. My first thought is, why would you need that? You want your own experience. Right? But I also know that everyone is different.

Do you know the website called Polarsteps?

People "record" their travels through images, short stories and everything is being collected on a map...

You might enjoy exploring the website: https://www.polarsteps.com

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We followed the west coast of Mexico, on our way from Colorado to Costa Rica. Not the fastest route, but we found little RV parks all along the coast. Not fancy, but decent. It was great to camp night after night on the beach, with the sound of the surf in our ears. Good times!

Or go down Baja, then ferry over to the coast. Lots of info about that on the Web.

Our experience has been that camping rough south of the border is rarely possible, except in Baja. For us, that means finding RV parks, and that's much easier along the coast. Buy The Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping for locations.

You need to consider that from the US border down to Columbia, summer means seriously hot. We drove back from Costa Rica to the US in June, and the heat was a real issue. Would it work for you to head south during the cool season? Baja is really nice in the Fall and Spring...