Overland on a Budget for the rest of us


Thank you for getting it! I got out today and got dirty, 82 miles of muddy Forrest Service from my house I found a lake to have all to my self and buddy. We found a bunch of Cutty's:View attachment 308020
Nice cutty. Great thread. I think this thread is a great chance to remind ourselves the rigs are fun, cool, functional, but only a means to the end of getting out there.


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Nice cutty. Great thread. I think this thread is a great chance to remind ourselves the rigs are fun, cool, functional, but only a means to the end of getting out there.
Thank you! This is exactly what I'd like to be the theme of this thread, good affordable rigs that get us out to the places we enjoy with the people we enjoy enough to let help push us out of the mud.

Recommended books for Overlanding

Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook
by Donald Greene
From $20
Overlanding the Americas: La Lucha
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
From $20
Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World
by Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman
From $14.59
The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United Stat...
by TeriAnn Wakeman
From $64.95

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Man, I get the point and agree with it,

but don't crash that box truck cause half an hour lather, I pretty sure you will still be receiving stuff in the back of your head. You need to built some kind of wall to protect your self in case of a crash, cause you know, accodent do happen!


Great thread, I have to admit that until I read your thread that I was in that category of having my truck identical like something off of Expedition Overland's show. I got so sucked into having the Icon suspension (even though they don't make one for my truck) and ARB bumpers and all the other expensive crap that I have yet to make a move and do anything. I realize how wrong I am and that I needed this smack to the face to see that it's all about getting out there and just "Doing Work" that counts.


Ain't nothin wrong with nice bumpers, winches, roof racks, RTT's, etc..... But some A'holes think you can't possibly be serious about wheeling without those things. And all that stuff better be brand new in the biggest name brand. Now, I got all those things on my rig. Even more than that. Although I don't think you could call mine an "expo rig". But my stuff is all old or used or cheap. I love Craigslist. I spend what I can stand. I drive what I can easily afford (and actually like to drive). A lot of those things, when used properly, really make boon- docking more enjoyable. And that crap looks really cool on your vehicle. Who doesn't like mud tires and winches? But if you think your better than me cause you got it, or somehow have more fun than me.....no. I'm happy for the guy with the newest and baddest, best equipped, most costly rig around. It's awesome that some can afford that. Maybe someday I'll get in shape to be that guy. And as long as that guy has a helpful way, and is only out for the memories, and good times without being a doosher' .....I say camp on!
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A fridge is twice the price of a Yeti, even weighs more, and I would never take a fridge on a Cataraft down the river. Also not Bear proof. I could think of more but it's Monday evening and only had 1 beer so far.
Got my 48qt for $450 shipped. Maybe be heavy but it doesn't need ice. Your 65qt will need atleast 30qt of ice. I have 48qt of usable space and smaller in size than a 65qt

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I gotta agree with most things posted here. The only things I don't agree with is the cooler talk as I have never owned a Yeti cooler, so it's more due to the fact that I have no opinion on them. I'm perfectly happy with my free 50quart igloo (gift from the company). Anywho, it is all about the memories. I don't have an expensive rig, but it's mine (not the banks), and gets me where I want so far. Is there room for improvement? Sure there is, but it's not stopping me from having some fun.

Here it is, a 1998 Suburban

Here's a good one of my truck with my cousin's humvee. I had no issues following him wherever he went, although we didn't wheel too hard that day



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My Toy Box, 1998 16' Ford box van that has been to Alaska and back. You can get yourself an "real" toy hauler for a ton of cash, or a Craigslist $1200 box van, some beer, and hit the trail.
Annnnd I agree 110% with with this guy!

Recommended books for Overlanding

The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following ...
by Paulo Coelho
From $10.47
Dreaming of Jupiter
by Ted Simon
From $16.02
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook: A Route & Planning Guide
by Chris Scott
From $10.09
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide: ...
by Chris Scott
From $29.95
Road Fever (Vintage Departures)
by Tim Cahill
From $6.99


The fridge is cool. For me its counterintuitive to unplug while plugged in. I fought the yeti pull for a while, even took one back my wife got me as a gift. Then I got a coffee cup tumbler. Coffee goes in at 5am and is still warmer than room temp at 10am so I was impressed. Now I got 2 yeti cups and a coozy wich changed the game as far as cold beer goes. Mixed drinks dont get watered down from melted ice even at thw beach in the dead of summer. Occasionally something does exceed expectations and comes with a premium price. It is not hipster swag, it can be, but its steroid level gear. Sometimes the best use of funds or a budget is to spend it well once.
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Well, there's that country song about havin a million dollars, a truck, a boat, and a Yetti 110 iced down with some silver bullets.....Now if that guy's a millionaire and he went Yetti instead of fridge....you see where I'm goin'. Just kiddin. I got one of them smaller Yetti coolers and I like it a ton!