Overland Expo 2013: Expedition Campers and Big Rigs - Show Us! (Official)


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Let's face it, not all of us can make it to Overland Expo this year—work, budget, broken vehicle, whatever the reason—it doesn't have to suck so bad. Personally, having only attended one Overland Expo (and it is awesome by the way) I received the majority of knowledge from fellow Expedition Portal members who shared their experiences on the forum. It was the pictures, the details, and the stories of the people they met that made sitting at a desk that week just a little more bearable.

If you're at Overland Expo 2013, three contributors from this thread will be chosen to get some free Expedition Portal and Overland Journal swag. Combined with the other 2 (Official) Overland Expo 2013 threads, nine total contributors will have a chance to win a brand-new Axial SCX-10 Trail Honcho RTR Remote Control Rock Crawler.

You can read the full-on nitty gritty details here: http://www.expeditionportal.com/news/2134-overland-expo-2013-share-your-stories-win-cool-stuff.html

If you're attending Overland Expo, share the love, this is the place to share the pictures of all the ************ campers and self-sustained rigs you're drooling over while the rest of the world is busy saving up to build one. We want to see your Four Wheel Campers, Unimogs, Unicats, MANN trucks, Pinzgauers and everything under the sun!

By the way, there's a separate thread for all of the really cool vehicles, trucks, and SUV's that you can look at and contribute to here. [link]

Don't forget to download the Tapatalk application, which allows you to upload images on the fly right to this thread from your smartphone.

Here's a cool interview from Overland Expo 2012 with Four Wheel Campers for some inspiration.

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I didn't get any pics, but did swing by the Couch booth to check out Bam-Bam (their race 'Mog, and the first American entry into the Breslau Rallye) ... also saw the one in the picture above (nice shot, btw!). Very cool to have gotten to see Bam-Bam in person, it was a build I followed a bit on the Couch website, and then got to see in action via Youtube.

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Mog's, Fuso's, XP oh MY!

Morning light upon the camp area

VMI Offroad - Alpine trailer. This was just a shell but I am looking forward to seeing a build out on this trailer.

One fantastic Fuso

SoCal Teardrop had this sweet sink and cutting board setup on a swing out. I have actually been looking to do something similar when I build my swingout on my truck.

XP Camper - I was really impressed with the use of space on these campers. Had a very roomy feel inside compared to the other trucks and campers.

If I could swing the $$ I'd throw this camper on an offroad trailer base and call it done.

Arms like Popeye for these wheels!


Small but Big... Campers at the Expo 2013

The Overland Expo this year seemed a little smaller to me. Maybe it was because there was not as many giant Global Expedition Vehicles as last year. However those RV's with 37 inch tires are not practical. Even if I could afford one they would still not get me where I wanted to go. Sure there great for some forest roads but I cant imagine driving them on some of my favorite 4 wheel drive trails and overland routes.

Currently I drive an FJ Cruiser the only camper like option is a Roof Top Tent. My next vehicle might be a Tacoma or JK. I fell in love with the Camper Shells from Adventure Trailers http://www.adventuretrailers.com/camper.html at this years expo. I am 6'5 and the most appealing thing to me is the 7 feet of standing room and the queen size bed. Here are some pictures I took of various set-ups.

Here is the NEMO JK


Nemo has teamed up with Adventure Trailers to Offer the JK Habitat. It is the perfect camping solution for JK Owners. Nemo also make really sweet camping equipment. There BugOut Awning is pictured along with on of their ground tents and Helio Pressure Shower.

Here's some of the AAV Taco Crew


Something new this year was Airstream Trailers. (No not a new product but new to the Expo) There where two big ones parked right across from each other. One housing the Overland Journal Crew and the other one was a mobile retail store:


The inside of this trailer was awesome. It kept their displays and people out of the sun and especially the WIND! Luckily this year there where NO fly easy-ups that I knew of.

Here is another camper on a Tacoma. Personally I am not a big fan of these. I think they look kinda cheap. The inside is pretty nice. Someday maybe I will get the opportunity to try one out. Then ill be able to give a better evaluation of them.


There was a small camp of 5 or 6 Umidogs. They all where set up a little different. Some of them where even for sale. Unfortunately they decided to leave early. Which kida stinks for the people who just attended the show on Sunday.


Sunday came way too fast. I met some people who wanted to follow me out because I chose to take a different route. Not through Flagstaff or Munds Park. I find Stoneman Lake Rd to be the best way to get to and from the Expo. Stoneman Lake Road is a graded (It would be great for rally cars), however it is a nice drive back to the I-17. I would strongly suggest it if you are headed south from the Expo.


Please forgive all my spelling and or grammar mistakes. I don't usually type this much on the forums. Anyways I had a great time at the Overland Expo 2013 and I will be returning next year. (Just finished going through my pics, I did not take any pictures of Earthroamers. They where there too along with Sportsmobile and other popular companies that are regulars.
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