Overland 2012 fuso build ready for habitat - $55k - PNW - seattle


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The truck currently sits with a partially constructed all aluminum flatbed made from box tubing and C channel trussing with 1\8" diamond plating to sheet it. This could be changed over to a subframe pretty easily at this point.

2012 fuso FG4x4
41,200 miles
4cyl turbo diesel engine
Automatic trans
Push button 4x4
Manual Locking front hubs
Limited slip rear differential
Power windows, doors

This fuso has the def system and EGR emissions on it, however the owner prior to me did something so the def system doesn't need anything added to it. I purchased from a dealer in Texas and they were unable to tell me any other details.
I have not messed with anything on the engine or emissions systems.

The truck sits on custom 2 piece steel wheels With 37x13.5 Toyo MT tires rated at 4300# each.

Front and rear springs have been replaced by custom alcan leaf packs Fronts are rated @ 5700#
Rears are rated @ 8600#
Total spring capacity 14,300
Truck is rated for 14,050 from the factory but that's definitely not what the factory springs were meant for. Truck rides much better now.
I have installed timbren bump stops on the front and I have some for the rear that haven't been installed. I also installed new pacbrake air bags in the rear. Truck has air tank and individual control of each side plus an aux connection and air hose that works to fill the tires.

The truck has a custom front winch bumper designed to fit a 17.5k Smittybuilt winch, included but not installed. Synthetic winch line, wireless remote.


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The feds are tracking for sale trucks that are deleted and making people crush them or bring them back to stock.
This is news to me, can you elaborate at all?

I've seen individual cases where states have made examples out of individuals, but that's not the federal government.

If anybody is curious about the laws for diesels and emissions equipment in their jurisdiction I highly recommend to look up the laws, which are all easily searchable.

The counties Ive lived at here in Washington and Oregon have no tests for used vehicles. Outside the major metropolitan areas here they don't check equipment on vehicles under a certain gvw, and those rules are for commercial trucking and companies running freight.


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Still available? How does it do on the highway? I'm in Montana, but need a rig that's at least decent when traveling cross country.

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