Outdoor Kid Photo Thread

Got another Longview-ite in here, cool!
Looks like I'm not the only one with cute kids.
Here are a few from a mini hike at the Mima Mounds last weekend.



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Oh man, I have tons of pics. Here is some of my favorites from new to old.


Sedona, AZ:

Devil's Canyon:

Signal Ghost Town:


Box Canyon, AZ:

Southern AZ:


Unknown Location, but camping:



Adventure Photographer
Here is one of my all time favorite photos of my youngin during our Colorado trip...

She was really that happy MOST of the trip! Any time we would see a cow she would yell "MOOO!"

Snowy Great Sand Dunes NP

Hiking in local national forest.

Looking for scorpions

The hiking pics are from about 14 months, the Colorado shots were from about 18months.
Sometimes I wonder if I have some Nepalese in me, I look more like a sherpa here!

First solo paddle....

Never underestimate the power of a potty with a view!

My deckand washin' lures....

....then using those lures to put the hurt on Mr. Nookie!

Hannah reeling in her first silver....I helped a little.:sombrero: