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You might want to go through the city line water feed to get under the shower pan and wrap some of that pipe wrap tape you used on the vent cover. Every little bit helps.
Hi Linda! Great tip. I hadn't thought of that.

Reason I was looking for your kitchen setup was I added one of these $32 items:

which helped a lot with limited counter space in there. Of course you have that cool drawer thing and all that nice snow peak stuff now, maybe you never cook indoors anymore?
I like those stove covers. That should add a good amount of counter space. I bought some nice wood to make my own awhile back but never got around to building it. You're right, we prefer to cook outside but we still use the camper stove when the weather's bad or we pull over for a quick meal.

Yellowstone without the crowds - jealous!!
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Tail lights done...



As expected, the stop/turn lights are nice and bright even in direct sunlight and make a huge improvement in visibility. The original backup lights worked OK, as is. The new LED version isn't that much brighter but it creates a wider beam.



Does that cover fit snuggly over the 2 burner setup in Tigers? I have a 92 XL and hope it would work.

Yep fits perfect on my 05 GT. You should check which model stovetop you have before ordering to be sure, but pretty sure these were standard over the years. Mine's a Wedgewood Vision 2-burner dealio.

HMR - I had grand plans to make a cover for the whole area, stove, sinks, with a slideout too for eating or working on. But y'know ... for less than the cost of parts for that project, I got this far at least.

Snazzy lights, I like those! I think my Tiger needs to come hang out with you for awhile ;)

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I brake for cool motohomes...

The only fluid we haven't changed, yet, is the brake fluid. I don't have the tools/know-how to do a proper flush/bleed so I took the Tiger into a local brake place this morning. While I was standing at the counter, my OCD kicked in and I decided to have the brakes replaced including new rotors up front. The brakes (likely still the original set) were working fine... I guess now they'll just work fine longer...

On my way out the door I spotted this cool Itasca. I love these Toyota motorhomes, especially the V6s with the upgraded axles. This one's been sitting in this lot, off and on, for over a year. It used to be nice and shiny but is slowly fading from the elements. I met a young couple in Alaska awhile back who were traveling N. America in an old, beat up, 4-cylinder version. They loved that rig and were having more fun than just about anybody else I met.

I've never seen a Tiger and Toyota motorhome side by side before so I snapped some pics:

No joke: the manager at the brake shop asked, "where'd you get those cool tail lights?" Ha!

mr r2fj

Hey man it was nice meeting you this weekend. An AWD tiger is at the top of my list now for replacements for the FJ. *waves hand* you want to sell this *waves hand* Great looking tiger man, hope to see it in person sometime.


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Tiger to the rescue...

One of the reasons I skipped Overland Expo this year was to go on a week-long camping trip along the NorCal coast in our Tacoma. As the departure date approached, the weather forecast went from sunny to cold and rainy along the route. The thought of spending 7 days in a wet tent started to lose it's appeal (BTDT). So, in the true spirit of adventure... I totally wimped out and loaded up the Tiger. :sombrero:

Rogue River, OR (overnight temp was 29F):

Cool road/path in NorCal:

The Tiger is definitely making me soft. It's hard to call it "camping" when you're in a toasty warm cabin with a hot shower while it's snowing outside. Maybe "Parking in a scenic spot overnight" would be more appropriate?


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Must... keep... wife... from... reading... this... thread...

Look, I've ALMOST got the Astrolander finished enough for family camping. She'll never want to camp in the van if you keep posting all this stuff, dude.


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Wow...it's all I can say,I am so impressed by your work.Please keep posting.
Question...what kind of mileage you get with it?


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Question...what kind of mileage you get with it?
Depends on the state. In CA and OR, we average 12mpg. In other states like AZ and ID we average 14mpg. I assume the difference is due to the way the various states formulate their fuel.

PS- Welcome to Expo!
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Look, I've ALMOST got the Astrolander finished enough for family camping.
I love what you've done to your Astro. You have some great fab skills! It would be fun to see what ideas you'd come up with for a Tiger.


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Amping our Camping...

We upgraded the cabin battery to one of these:

In our experience, the DieHard's have proven to be an excellent, reliable battery. This should give us several days worth of power between charges at our normal consumption while camping.

***For the other Tiger owners out there: Our first choice was the larger Group 31M. I measured the battery box and although it looked very tight, I was confident I'd be able to squeeze it in. When I got the 31M home, it wouldn't fit through the hatch (Ugh!). It was so close (~1/4") I considered sanding some plastic off the sides of the battery to make it work. I ended up going back to Sears for the smaller size but I still think I could've come up with a way to shoehorn the 31M into place. The Group 34 should offer plenty of reserve power but it's always nice to have more if you can make it work.

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For the Tiger fans...

Our friends think we're crazy and warn we're making a mistake but my wife and I are 90% sure we'll be putting the Tiger up for sale sometime soon. Price will be a firm $14,000. We have a new camper idea in the works. If we can sort out a few loose ends with the new project, we'll sell the Tiger. If not, we'll happily keep it. Details to follow...