Our little M416


Digging this thread a lot.

Are you planning to paint the body/frame at all? Personally I like the way it looks currently but is rust a concern with the bare spots.

The pic you posted of the bed upside down is very helpful to me for locating the bed/frame mounting points. Makes me want to disassemble mine to clean it up a bit. Did you use new stainless hardware when reinstalling?


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We are stripping it, obviously, and bed lining the entire thing. The exterior will have “body armor” that is powder coated white to match the 4Runner. It’s then bolted on.

All suspension mounting and frame mounting is grade 8 zinc, and the remainder is stainless (in final form).

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Looks great behind the 4Runner! Pics of the solar and other goodies?
next time its all set up, sure. the panel mounts to my crossbars and wired inside to a blue top that sits under the hood. nothing fancy but keeps the Dometic going when parked and phones charged and lights twinkling. Got a license plat for it to that says CMPN :D


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Nice trailer. I’ve been considering a similar approach but haven’t determined how I would be able to access the tub. I’m looking at a tent large enough for 3-4 and the ones I’ve seen are ~72 inches in length. I know there are a variety of options (lids, telescoping racks and so forth) but at this time I’m looking for a simple solution so I can get it out.

I was wondering how much access you retained with the tent mounted in that manner.

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I have ~ 1’ front and rear which is enough to slide folding tables in and all of our gear. Water tank in fixed and is fillable. My momma is making us a canvas tarp to retain some of the original M416 look.

I had planned to do a hinge top but it took away a lot of the original feel. I can still put hinges on the top frame and do it. But everything we need to fit in, fits as is. And the tent itself is a good theft deterrent device. So far.