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We also took a day trip down to Savanna. After walking around one of the parks and getting lunch, we took one of the tour trolleys around the city, which was very much worth the time. Lots of old houses and history in Savanna.

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For Spring Break 2021, we went to the New River Gorge in West Virginia, which had recently become a National Park. The weather was borderline, but we made the best of it, did a LOT of hiking, and had some good family time.

The boys scratching off their maps for the states that we have been to and done an activity. Passing through doesn't count, according to my wife.
I disagree with your wife....passing through does count !

I really enjoy seeing your family outings. These family outings are so much better than all my years on the road. The best days of my life were times like these.....when I went on adventures with my 2 boys.

Enjoy every minute....every second.....it goes by so fast.

Thanks for sharing.....


I'm behind on my travels updates, but here's an update on our Outback. After previously planning to lower my Outback, and installing STI wheels and brakes........well, how's this for a change of direction? After talking to my Pastor, of all people :), I decided to go for more of an off road build than a handling machine.

I went with Rallitek 0.75" overload springs, Bilstein struts, new control arms, Whiteline top hats, KMC708s with 245/65/17 Falken Wildpeaks. Overall the car gained 3" up front and 2" in the rear.

Not a bad looking ride for 141K miles. If I had it to do over again, I would have went with the 0" lift springs (which actually do lift the car a little).


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