Our Box Truck RV Conversion


Thank you for the links!
Let's get this conceptual show on the road.
Looks like I got lucky with all aluminum (no wood) construction. AND within my budget ;)

I NEVER said this was going to be a beauty queen, but she sure is functional.
LOTS of work ahead.
All constructive advice WELCOME!!! (I like using caps)


EDIT: I swear this happens every time. They're correct side up on my computer but sideways when I upload them :(


Good job. Are you going to make a 10 foot box?
With how lazy I am? Hahahahaha.
In all seriousness its a distinct possibility when I get more annoyed of dragging a big butt around but until then, I've got far more work in other areas before considering doing any alterations more serious than a pass-through and vent/drain holes on the aluminium body. VERY good idea to keep in mind eventual shortening when planning what to put where though!


That looks like a standard u-haul box. I believe the the sides are high quality 1/2" plywood with about 1/16" fiberglass laminated to each side of the plywood. It shouldn't be too hard to shorten it if you wanted.

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I know her butt looks big :) but she's a 12 thank goodness. 12 is crazy, 14 is just... Well let's say I wouldn't dare you to try.

It was difficult and obviously what I thought would take 2 hours of getting it up there took 6 hours. Well worth the effort. She drives like a dream with it on there so it's time to put in the final few ubolts and start cleaning her today.

I'm more excited than I care to admit :drool:

The Artisan

That's a huge cantilever for that truck. I would shorten it if you have the time.. Since you have grandmas attic, you could make the box shorter.


Is it a 14?
That does look like a 14' Uhaul box, the Bullet is a 14' box.
The way Uhaul labels them is the overall length to the grandma's attic, not the floor length.
I believe the floor length of a 14' box is about 11', is that what you've got?

p.s. How's the roof on that thing? they tend to have been banged up across the front & Uhaul does some cheap un-crinkling of the roof sheet. I say that because the upper corners appear to have been replaced at some point. not that this is a big thing, but you may want to pay it some attention.
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That looks like a standard u-haul box. I believe the the sides are high quality 1/2" plywood with about 1/16" fiberglass laminated to each side of the plywood. It shouldn't be too hard to shorten it if you wanted.
See how much of a novice I am?
Yes, that seems to be the construction. Are my floor and ceiling at least metal??? :p

I do intend to shorten it guys, but right now I've got way too many other projects to start ripping it apart and starting a new one.
In the meantime I intend to reinforce the cantilevered 3.5 ft that hangs off my frame rail by bolting 2 more ft of tubing to the end of each frame rail, and tightening the box securely to the trucks frame with overkill ubolts. The perforated tubing was a life-saver as strangely enough after lining the box up and centering it, one frame rail lined up, the other was way off. I managed to mount one rail of the box to my frame and one rail to a (much more reinforced than previous pics) set of perforated tubing attached via tubing cross-members and bolts to my trucks frame rails.

The box measures 12 ft in length not including the 4x4 grandmas attic. If that's a 14' by uhauls standards, I had no idea. I love the grandmas attic though. So spacious.

The ceiling looks to be in good shape from what my novice eyes can see!


Sweet, looks like it's in good shape too

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Thank you! It seems to be, but I'm learning more about uhaul boxes every hour ;)
Big plans for this one.

WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE CUTTING. I don't intend to go into the ceiling, maxfan will be side mounted up high in a corner. But I do need to go into the floor (biggest hole being 3 in or so) and I need to go into the front underneath the attic for the gaping hole for my passthrough. Plywood/fiberglass and aluminum should both cut with a standard 12amp circular saw and a drill with a 3 in hole bit? Do I need more power than battery tools or can I get away with them? Do I just go in there measure and cut? I'm finding myself to be a perfect advertisement for why people would need a book called "uhaul camper conversions for dummies."

Thanks guys.