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I'm heading to North West Mog Fest from Vancouver Canada, just wondering If anyone can share any their favorite camping spots along the Oregon coast north of Salem along the 101 including Washington state south of Seattle. I will be traveling with my 5 year old daughter and I will be tenting it. I would prefer sites with some facilities due to the age of my daughter. Thanks in advance. :smiley_drive:


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Cape Disappointment State Park is pretty cool (in the corner between the ocean and the Columbia River). Nice beaches, two lighthouses, facilities, etc.

BTW, hope to go next year to MogFest, I have a Syncro (heard they are well accepted in MogFest) that unfortunately is in need of an engine transplant (Zetec next month).


Thanks for the tip. I attended the 2006 Mog Fest it was a really good time and you bet that Synchros are welcome. I was enlightened of how capable those vans are. Hope to see you there next year.

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Whalen Island

I just did a trip up the 101 in that area - my favorite campground in OR was a county park at Whalen Island. It’s a bit north of Salem on the coast off of Sandlake Rd (45.273055,-123.948611), situated on a wetland preserve, tons of wildlife to watch from your campsite or hike around to the ocean and go clamming/crabbing. Campground has running water/toilets for your girl, an onsite host, and no reservations - first-come first-serve, maybe 30 campsites total – less than half occupied when I was there (mid July).

Just south of here is Cape Kiwanda state park with a beach you can drive on. More people, but the Pelican Pub there is delicious!

Campsite view:

Clamming on the estuary

Cape Kiwanda

Beautiful area, have a great trip ... and fun at the Mogfest! That looks like a blast.