Orange Disco



I had a few questions about my truck on another part of the forum.

95 Disco 1
New Atomic Orange Paint
3" RTE Lift 255/85/16 BFG MTs
ARB front bumper with MM 9500 winch
$afari Gard sliders
Home made rear drawer
MS steeping guard
Mantec snorkel
Other goodies I'm sure I forgot

Anyway, here are a few pics. And thanks for all the info so far!


I used Accuride 9301s. They are rated up to 500lbs. I can stand in the drawer with it fully extended.

I generally keep about 125lbs in it, and it's smooth as silk. They are kind of pricey, but I found mine on ebay pretty cheap.


The top is 3/4 marine plywood.
The drawer is 38"x26"x7" welded 14 gauge steel.
The latch is a stainless locking marine latch.
The total height is about 8", even with the top of the wheel wells.
The whole thing is bolted to the floor from below, through the cargo area tie down points.

I still want to add some tie down points to it, possibly some secur its.

Let me know if ya have anymore questions
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Eric Millich of Accent Paint and Body did the work. Total attention to detail.

Here are a few more pics
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Andrew Walcker

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You did a nice job of putting that Disco together! The paint really came out great and it's nice to see such detail. I take it that is a Safety Devices roof rack? I've been planning a drawer system on my Defender, anything you would have done different of other words of advice for someone in the planning stages? What are your future plans (if any)?


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Awesome color!

Do you have any pictures of the drawer system unloaded? I would like to see how it was fabricated.


Thanks for the kind words. This was my second drawer so all of the details seemed to work out in my favor. The only thing I'm looking to add are some adjustable tie down points.

I'll unload the drawer and take some pictures Tuesday when I get home.