Operation Backyard Discovery


The Plan:
To travel throughout the Americas, explore our National Parks and forests, volunteer, meet new people, visit friends and family, try new foods, and much more!


Meet traveler #1, AKA the Navigator. Her specialties include choosing left or right, watching out for wildlife and pedestrians, and making sure a Landing Zone is found before sundown. She enjoys long walks on the beach, s'mores, and sleeping on the job. Ready for adventure!


Meet traveler #2, AKA the Captain. His specialties include steering, pumping gas, and footing the bill. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, terminal leave, and carne asada con chimichurri. Ready for adventure!


The mule, AKA Kickass, A 2002 Ford F250 SuperDuty 7.3L powerstroke XLT, ZF6, for those who love some American Horse Power. This baby will carry our gear without skipping a beat. Much love was giving to her in preparation for our journey together, and at an average of 25 MPG this baby is as environmentally friendly as a Prius.


Written 6/1/14
What keeps those who long to travel from hitting the open road? It usually is a variation of factors ranging from careers, family obligations, children, loans, bills, pets and many other influences. These things can enrich our lives but they can also keep us at “home.”
My husband and I started our second year of marriage with some serious questions on the horizon. With his last year of his four year US Coast Guard contract winding down, we started to think about where we wanted to settle, the best course of getting our dream jobs, and so on. Our thought process got derailed, however, by my 97 Honda Civic getting stolen out of our driveway (the second car of ours to be stolen in a year and a half). This experience sort of jump started our “flight” instinct. We were sick of having to constantly watch our backs and worry about our vehicles and other personal property getting taken in the city we live in. Every weekend that we could we were out in the woods camping. Camping was really the only place that we felt safe and completely happy. Being out in nature we felt more at home than in our little condo. We were able to relax, enjoy life and get full night's sleep. Wishing for more of theses peaceful times in nature, my husband pointed out the uniqueness of our situation. None of the factors that keep those who long to travel from hitting the open road applied to us. We were not in debt in any way, we had no pets, and no children. In other words, there was nothing holding us back. Thus, the plans for Operation Backyard Discovery started to take form.

Present Day:
What a day! It was our intention to be out of the apartment by the 30th, but here we are January 1st, and finally wrapping things up. Seeing our belonging piling up in the trailer for storage makes it a reality. Over the last couple of months we have pictured ourselves living in our camper and exploring beautiful places. Starting tomorrow, our dreams will have come true.


me too. We are about 7 years out from retirement age, so we are spending this time beefing up our nest egg and clearing out debt. looking forward to reading about your experiences.


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Congrats on the decision...I look forward to following your adventure. Are you planning to tent/truck camper/pull camper or ...?


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Look who I found at Cousin's Restaurant in The Dalles, Oregon!


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With the trailer finally loaded and the keys to our apartment turned in, we were eager to hit the road. However, we had to stick around town to sell our extra car. After multiple hours and showings we had a successful sale. We headed out to our friends house in The Dalles, OR, with one short stop to store our trailer. They have kindly agreed to allow their place to be our base camp for the next couple days while we work out the rest of the logistics. A few more things for the camper are needed, and paperwork needs to be finalized with the Coast Guard early Monday morning. After that, we are free to head where ever the road takes us.

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