Open Floor Plan Ursa Minor J30 Build - 2015 JKU


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I have heard that Ursa Minor are currently taking preorders for August 2018 deliveries for the JL I think. Very nice piece of kit, but I will be going custom on the camper. I currently run an Autohome Columbus with a rear mounted hatch ladder which would feel very similar to an Ursa Minor (minus getting in/out from outside) for me for less than half the price.
yes the are nice and pricey too. I would love to have one for my JL whenit gets here but Probably not unless I winn a lotto some where. I woul very much like to develop something similar albeit less expensive. but just don't have the time but i do have an idea.

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Just to let folks know, I spoke with rock hard 4x4, and they said they will be starting R&D on JL cage parts sometime this summer if any one want to try to replicate this setup on a JL.


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I looked at the JL at the LA Auto Show. It looked like a lot more work to take out the rear cross member.
On a different topic, I installed a Goose Gear floor plate system with side cubbies. The side cubbies make a convenient step up into the open floor plan bunk.


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Thanks Dotar! By "more work", do you mean one cannot simply unbolt it now? Unlike the initial poster, I am not worried about keeping easy compatibility with the factory roof.


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On my 2012 we only cut a few welds, removed the bolt and ground the remaining weld smooth. Not too much of a problem. The JL crossbar is thoroughly welded. I don’t remember any bolts. My guess is an open floor plan Ursa Minor will require a custom roll bar like Dan Grec’s.


John at URSA tells me they won’t be doing any custom openings for the JL for at least this summer. I believe it is a combo of the new J30-JL design they are working on and all the preorders for it already received. Once my JLUR order arrives, like some of you, I’ll be looking at “opening” options.

For those either using or planning on using a JL30 top, are you leaving it on full time or removing/ storing for part of the typical year?


Would love to see the update or finished product on this! Or did this move to another thread?

J30 Arrived Yesterday

All I can say is wow. I am just amazed at the craftsmanship by John and his team! The j30 turned out perfect. Hoping to get time this weekend to update you all with some pictures......stay turned!


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