One charge controller, two battery banks


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I have a few Anderson things but the 30a plugs are just a pain in the the ass even with the $50 crimp tool. Maybe I'd like em more in 45A. I've switched to XT60 for most stuff now but they don't feel good at the end of a home made extension cord. Andersons never really have either. Damn, almost making me miss SAE. $10 for a 5 pack of panel mount connectors with rubber cover, readily available extensions in any length imaginable, and can be had in 10 awg for short lengths and 10-14 for longer.

5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 4.5A LINK ($45) Wire to cig plug is 16AWG
Will cut the cigarette plug off and install XT60 connector, but even so it's better quality than most cig plugs I've seen really ever.

9v 12v 15v 20V USB negotiator spoof trigger whatever (this one is preset to 20v but could be changed if case cracked open) LINK ($9)
Standalone board LINK ($3.88)

Good video on the board in use
There's just no useful retention on the round pin connections. One unnoticed trip over or tug on a wire by somebody else and it's pulled loose and solar charging opportunity lost. Far better off with Anderson connectors, at least there's some springloaded tension in the way the wiping connectors interlock.