One-burner propane stove?


rnArmy, I see that your oven has an adjustable rack. Would it help to place the rack higher?
Maybe. I just stuck the shelf in the middle so I'd have maneuver room above it. It might not have burned as bad if I had it in the upper slots.

I swear it had probably been decades since I last used this Coleman oven thing, so I was reacquainting myself with it with the blueberry muffins.


I'm curious if anyone's ever adapter a propane burner, something like this View attachment 513869

Insane BTUs (30,000?) and low profile. I'm not planning on frying a turkey but this would certainly cover all my wok needs.

Here it is on amazons
Ive had something like that in the past for hurricane usage. I know you need high heat for a wok, but I found that unless I was cooking 3 gallons of anything, Its useless. I was never able to get it down low enough to cook small portions.

I went to this burner for emergency use with a large propane tank:
But I find this burner still too cumbersome for travel usage where youll want it packed away.


Yes, there are many burner designs that will not adjust low enough to simmer properly, a basic fault with many "camping stoves".

As long as that function works well, sure go as high as you like, but then inside a small living space, there is a useful limit.

And fire is of course always a big risk