On Road Amber Lights


First get real SAE approved fog lights. Color choice is operator preference. Clear Fogs generally provide more light; amber fogs make a vehicle easier to be seen by other motorists. Selective yellow is a compromise. On older vehicles With vast amounts of grill space; I would mount both- amber to be used as running lights in bad weather; and the use the clear fog when I needed to see the road.


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I'm not sure that forward facing Amber lights are legal. Check with the guys on Candlepowerforum, they'll set you straight.
Amber is a signal color and isn't appropriate for illumination. There's no benefit at all ----- the amber filter would reduce the amount of light projected.

There is evidence that selective yellow improves vision for some people in foul weather though.
Don't buy a light from any vendor that tries to tell you amber is beneficial...

I run white for headlights and driving lights, selective yellow for fogs (IPF 840s). The yellow fogs are nice in really heavy snow or fog. In pretty much any other weather, I leave them off. You get just as much reflection as white (IMO), but the yellow reflection is a bit easier on the eyes. So when things get really bad, drop the low beams, go for parking lights + fogs. It's about as good as it'll get for low glare and not making your pupils constrict, giving you the best shot at seeing decently.
Many people are very sensitive to glare and selective yellow makes a big difference to them.
And you sound like you know when to use your foglights. ...when it's foggy....

I'd get some good foglights and tint the lens to selective yellow using the technique that Dan describes in the link I posted.
Add good bulbs ----- not bs bulbs like PIAA or Nokya.

A couple that I like:
Flush mount: http://www.rallylights.com/hella-90mm-fog-lamp-h7-with-rubber-boot.html
Small and tight: http://www.rallylights.com/micro-de-premium-fog-lamp.html
Lolipop: https://www.amazon.com/Bosch-0305055001-Compact-Clear-Light/dp/B002KD0GFE
Bigger lolipop (the Oscar+ 190): http://www.danielsternlighting.com/products/products.html

I tinted a set of HID lights to selective yellow and ran them for years. Worked great in the foulest of foul weather. Now I just use JW Speaker LED foglights which work just as well in plain old white.


I bought these a couple years ago on Amazon, very old school and cheap.

I was surprised that the white side does throw out a round, spot type beam. Nothing like the fancy ones with ballast,LED etc, but do help a lot.`

The yellow side throws a wide, flat flood beam.

They each run off their own relay using a tap in the headlight wires: high beams the white "spots" go on, low beams the yellow floods.

I used PennDot site as guide to keep as legal as possible. Never had an issue with police,inspection or other drivers.

There is also one mounted on my spare tire rack on the back. I used "ricer red" lens spray to change the white side red.

The yellow is tied to the reverse light and red to brakes.


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When it's foggy or in very heavy rain or snow, both of which can create the same glare problem as fog.
Yeah; I use my fogs in heavy rain to find the dang lines on the road.

I saw a numnutz the other morning driving his fullsize pickup with his headlights off and his Rigid or Rigid-like cubes on instead. No focus, no discernible pattern of light --- just two big glarebombs. You have to wonder the internal conversation in his/her head to justify that: "yup, these are soooo much better than my headlights, yup"...
I daily my samurai and since at 55 mph i get the best mpg i always get people flashing their brights at me rather than just going around. A few weeks ago while driving at night on the fwy a very nice considerate person tailgated me and turned his LED pods on... as im being blinded i turned my hazards on and slowed way down then as he passed me he gave me the bird.. Dont you just love people?