On Board Air Parts source


Where are people buying parts for OBA setups. Mostly plumbing parts. I want to redo the setup on my Scrambler with a converted York compressor and a front ARB. I have tanks just need new plumbing(lines, fittings)
Also want to install compressor, tank, horns, air supply points front and rear on my 2004 Ram 1500. I have several ARB compressors and a Hadley compressor, tanks, and horns so I really need a source for lines and fittings for this also.
Was thinking an online truck shop(CDL trucks).


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Robert Bills

I found most of my hardware and fittings at my local industrial hardware store, Graingers and McMaster Carr. Some came from Home Depot. I'm sure some of it even came from Harbor Freight. I think I found my check valve on Amazon.


Amazon has fittings, manifolds hoses, etc. OK 4wd has all of the Arb fittings, leader hoses, etc. Crown performance will make you custom length braided stainless air lines if you need leader lines or want heavy duty lines for the system.

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if you use pushlock, make sure it is DOT rated, not really for compliance but the DOT stuff handles heat better, less problems around the exhaust, etc.

I have three vehicles plumbed with pushlock, all work fine and it is super easy to work with and repair.

2gl air tank

Viair installed but not plumbed, the manifold was filled with locker solenoids, air gauge, sending unit, etc..



I like nylon tubing with push-on connectors.
Any transportation or industrial supplier will have it along with the usual elbows and stuff.
Neighborhood hardware store will have alot of it too.
The tubing is commonly known as SynFlex. It is used in semi trucks, NAPA parts stores usually carries the stuff. Comes in different sizes both SAE and metric.

Robert Bills

The simple system in these photos consists of the following parts, sourced as indicated:

Viair 400H compressor, used - online classified ad on Xterra forum.
Check Valve - Viair P/N 92832, Ebay
Brass fittings - Amazon and/or Ebay
Leader hose - high pressure/high temperature hose - NAPA, purchased by the foot.
Hose clamps - NAPA
Air line fittings - Home Depot and/or Harbor Freight
Swivel fitting - Harbor Freight
Blue Sea Fuse Block P/N 5024 - Amazon

Not shown:

Air Hose - Flexzilla, 25' x 1/4", Amazon
Open Flow Air Chuck - Amazon

Compressor Installation.jpgPlumbing at Compressor Head.jpgBlue Sea Fuse Block.jpg


Parker Stores or any place that stocks Air Brake parts for big rigs. The local one is called Terminal Air Brake Supply.


Kilby Enterprises used to have all the York compressor stuff. They were bought out by C U Offroad. Try CUoffroad.com