OME and ARB vendors


I am looking to purchase an OME suspension kit and ARB bumper for a 2nd gen Tacoma and checking to see what is the best place to buy from these days. About ten years ago I purchased from TRDparts but does not appear they are still in business and I cannot find anything on the Wheelers website but I still to call them to check. Any other vendor recommendations would be appreciated.

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I don’t recommend wheelers. Worst customer service I have ever felt with. I’m the last to complain or even make a comment. The lady who does billing screwed up big time and tried to blame me and lied. Caught in email and had to call owner. Long story but she screwed up and covered her butt by lying. Boss4x4s guy were amazing and bought rest of lift from them.


Cruiser Outfitters
Slee Offroad
Headstrong Offroad
Headstrong is probably going to be your best bet. Their prices are comparable to a lot of others, but since their shipping is free, they're the cheapest overall (at least from what I've seen).