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Sweet looking bed area! How does the storage work out?

Two framed boxes with plywood bottoms at the tailgate end, hinged lids on the left and right and the middle is just two sections with wide open storage.

The truck came with a carpet kit that was rotted and had some iffy carpet. I remade it using 1/2" plywood, a pneumatic stapler, carpet remnant, and some Amazon sourced foam.

So far so good; did 4 nights last week in it in the ADKs and Green Mtns. I just got rid of a TDI wagon for a 4 cyl '15 Tacoma but it will be a bit before I start a second shell setup.



Just got this 4Runner 1987. Needs work but I'm stoked.

This is my usual ride though, pretty sure iv posted it already but it was stock before. My 1981 Toyota Trekker.

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Yet another white 3rd gen pickup! What's the deal with those?

I really like the high end Toyota-Subaru custom awning.


Not all that glitters is white..

Well to break up the trend of white trucks, I went ahead and joined the pre-'90 club with this clean '89. Came up for sale locally, lingered on Craigslist for a while so I made an offer and we worked it out.
22RE, rebuilt at 160k (currently at 208k), well maintained and well set up for my needs. Only plans are to add my Yakima crossbars to the topper and build a storage/bed solution in the back for weekend camping.

Pretty stoked to be back in a Toyota, owned Land Cruisers before but this will fit my current needs better and let's not forget the efficiency advantage to the gas-guzzling 1/2/3 FE's :)

Cheers guys!

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GOOD THREAD! I've had my 95 T since 98….. parked it & work only hauler since 08' when I got the JK…… recently decided to do an Expo rig on it… The LB on the T100 fits my tallness! I'm gonna go cheap but very functional so this thread is good inspiration! So far…. Chinese snorkel on the V6, had the shell already… 3" body, adding 2.5" on the suspension & cutting everything else in the way off! 35s now… gonna go Humvee 37s on the current 16.5 rims….. Gonna build it specifically for Baja! Adding fishing pole holders…. sleeping/camp interior for the bed, kayak rack for the roof…… found a cool flush mount shower to even cut into the camper side on the outside. Looking to have some fun here circa 2015/16 now that funds are way different from 98 when I got ol' big red!


Selling my '93 ranks right up there amongst the worst decisions I've ever made. I'd go out and pick up another one in a heartbeat but kids...



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It is an Alps Eng.; very handy.

The awning is definitely super high end... Inno is the brand and I forgot the guy ropes at home which led to the discovery of its changing room annex feature.