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thezentree - It's called a Dosko Campmate. I think they are from the 90's and getting a littler harder to find these days. Most people change rigs before they retire these Campmates. I found this one used 5 months ago or so. They can be found for around $150-$250 from what I have gathered.


Love that ‘85, I have the exact same Campmate kitchen. It’s bulky, but efficient. It’s funny every time I see those old rigs, the sheet metal looks thin and delicate. That’s almost the best body style, I’m torn between that and the first gen Toyota 4x4s, it’s how I feel about the 67-72 GMs and the next gen Square bodies. Keep it forever!
They are a big bang for the buck!


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I find a lot of useful information on Expedition Portal but also a lot of shite; plain old camping trips re-labeled "overland expeditions" in vehicles costing more than recreational property, gilded in overwrought aftermarket accessories made possible by credit card debt. This is the only thread that I have read every single page, since I'm a dirtbag who has no respect for any political, religious or fraternal organizations and I prefer to live below my means and disgust the Joneses rather than keep up with them.

Anyhow, here's my junk, a poverty spec. regular cab manual-everything Tacoma built with secondhand and almost-cool aftermarket crap to get me into scenic camping and hiking spots while simultaneously providing roughly 20 MPG and a reasonably weathertight place to sleep:

Instagram's worst nightmare; hand-me-down Coleman sleeping bag and foam pad, the same pillow I use on my bed at home, a 15 year old Wal-Mart cooler with a broken water drain sealed with RTV, and a genuine Rubbermaid Roughneck dry container not purchased new but found at the Goodwill. Note the background friends struggling to set up a rooftop tent:

I hope this gives me the proper credentials to join the dirtbag club.

PS: @Crenshaw, mine is also creatively named "Whitey."
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This is such a wonderful thread, and truly inspiring. It goes to show that this is all about getting out there and exploring, not just the gadgets and gizmos.

I'll throw in a picture of my old dirtbag machine.
1995 Cherokee, manual everything. Still looks basically the same, with the addition of a harbor freight roof rack. Sitting at 275,000Mi, original drivetrain. :cool:

Bishop's']https://flic.kr/p/MzsejJ]Bishop's Cap[/url] by https://www.flickr.com/photos/152379384@N07/]Alexander Traver[/url], on Flickr


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Thank you kindly, @shabba, I love it too. It's like a fun little ATV, but with cold air conditioning and comfy sleeping quarters. It is in fact on 235/85r16's. I'm convinced there's no better size for 4 cylinder trucks. Those tires just glide over rough roads when they're aired down a bit and the ground clearance even with a mild 2" suspension lift is excellent. I'm also still getting close to stock fuel economy, despite the E rated tires and steel wheels.


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I love regular cabs! You could do 255s instead of 235s. My friend has 255s with 4:88s on his regular cab. He’s pretty happy with that setup, though he has to wring out his engine a little more than me on the highway.


@DJB1 home run on the wheel and tire combo on a great single cab. Stellar.

This is my barn-find 2nd gen 4runner with 175xxx on the clock, getting about 16 MPG mixed, on 32's.

Spacer lift and a rebuilt 3vz because the $1500 truck came with a couple g's worth OEM engine parts.

This thread is great, thanks to everyone who has posted so far.