Old style ARB awning room


Does anyone know of a vendor that has the old style awning room for a 2500 series, the type with solid sides with just the windows that roll up vs the newer version?


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Your best bet it used. I looked hard for a while for an old style one and ordered what I thought was the old style off amazon, but the newer version showed up. I went camping that weekend and decided ******** it I'll give it a try, and I'm really happy I got the newer version. With all the sides down it feels just like the older style my buddy has. But the best part was being able to open up a side or two for the sunrises in the morning and have a little breeze roll through on a hot day.

But if it means anything to you, I'm looking at moving towards an Oztent RV1 or 2, or possible a Swag set up. The awning room is nice, and I haven't had an issue with it in rainy or windy nights, but I do get nervous. Especially in the winter when the ground is too hard to stake it down.