Old Shocks?


I'm trying to get out of town for the summer and have no idea as to what to do with the shocks that I removed from my truck this past fall. I listed them under the FS forum as free, but if nobody wants them, does anyone have any suggestions/ideas with regards to how to dispose of them properly? I'm assuming they probably shouldn't just go in the dumpster.



Toss them in the garbage. Or, take them to a local shop and ask them how they dispose of them. I would bet they just toss them in the trash.


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shock disposal

If they are pressurized gas shocks drill a small hole to release the pressure and you can throw them in the trash. The gas is nitrogen, it's harmless. Wear safety glasses though. The pressure can spray oil and metal shavings.

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Metal recyling bin. They have absolutely no issue taking them as scrap metal in curbside pickups even. They have a list of things excluded, I've never seen shocks on that list.


I use Craigslist alot and I am always amazed to see what people are willing to buy/trade for. Try posting them on there for 5 to 10 bucks or trade for a 6 pack of your favorite beer.

The local offroad shop gave me money towards some new tires for my old shocks (among other parts I couldn't sell).

Just remember, whats garbage to you may be treasure in another mans eye.