Oh my, what have I done?


Several months ago I finished a trip down the Pan American Highway in my trusty Toyota Tundra "Levi". The trip lasted almost a year and was excellent. Mexico, all of Central America and most of South America. However when I got to Colombia, I found the most beautiful Land Rover Santana I've ever seen. I spied it while driving through a little town high in the Sierra Nevada, Minca. I found the owner and begged him to sell it to me, even though I was on the road heading south to Argentina, I knew I would have to come back in about a year and get it.

Fast forward a year and half later and this Landy is mine. I sold my Tundra, but I have a little Mini to drive as a DD, while I sort out the Landy. It's a 1986 109 Ambulance. I further found out the vehicle was a special order for rescue efforts when a volcano erupted in 1985, covering an entire town and killing 25,000 people instantly.

I spent about a month in Colombia over the summer, had work done (baseline and service) and it's running great. Still many projects to get once it's lands here in the states. I live in Florida and plan to use it camping around the state, taking back roads, no rush and enjoying being old and slow. No abs, power windows, A/C, bumpy, and loud. Nope, just the dog and I and the rover.

Super excited to own what I saw as a kid in the movies and live the Series 3 life! Cheers!




When you can, have the engine and frame steam cleaned so you can really see if the frame needs attention or not. Columbia is wet and humid, right? Any alkalai dust can start pitting unprotected steel bits over time.
What engine?
Well, if and when you get tired of it, please post.


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Yep that how the LR/Santana bug bites! Enhorabuena!!!
Nice one you got there, might even have the HD chassis. Do you have pictures of the interior and from the back?


Cool find! Im in the middle of my Santana build. The normally aspirated 2.5 won't get u anywhere quickly with only 68hp! but enjoy it and have fun. Santanas dont get the love they deserve!