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If wondering why have the tread under the extension, my fold down camper step rests just bove the extension (actually touches it) when down. Although the perspective in the pics above make it look like the works are fairly low to the ground, trust me, It's currently a mighty big step up onto the camper step.



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I'm in a similar state with my set up. It's a big step up. I welded some expanded metal for traction on the top of my Jeeps tow bar. That helps a bit. I'm going to have to re-work it all when the Northern Lite arrives at the end of the month. I have a bunch of designs rolling around in my head, but won't get to far into it until I have the camper and truck sitting by my welder.


I saw a picture of a F550 dually with 275 Conti MPT's, it reminded me of this thread since you had mentioned tire options I think at one point. Needless to say, the truck looked wicked. Go to highwayproducts and click on their custom flat bed gallery, you will see it there.

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Haven't popped in here in awhile. Going to be doing some work on the Ram to improve the gawd awful mileage and undo the commercial rig detune (The Ram is just a gutless fuel guzzling pig). Hopefully these tweaks will turn things around in the horrible mileage and gutless arena. That is my #1 complaint about going to a commercial rig (that and insurance). My former D-max dually had tons more power and got very respectable mileage (after similar tweaks). I will say after two years of ownership, I'm glad I opted for the 4.44 gears instead of the 4.88. This thing really cruises down the highway nicely. Anyway, if these tweaks don't change things around, I may consider looking at a freewheel kit down the road. I've also found myself perusing CL ads for D-Max duallys and F-450 pickups....just in case.

Sad to report for the first time ever, I had to chain up a 4x4. Last month up at my usual ski resort (actually the end of Dec), there was a crazy amount of snow in the parking lot...crazy amount (23"). I was trudging along nicely, with lots of momentum, through the unplowed lot with my eye on a possible camp spot, when a plow backed into my path. Had to stop and all was lost. Managed to only get one chain on (front) and had to winch myself free. An hour and a half ordeal. Buses, car, 4x4s, etc., where stuck all over the place. Total mess. Camping spots were not plowed, so I was directed to setup on the hardpark for the night. The big plows came in that night and come morning, we were sitting up high on an eye shaped snow island. Hours after getting unstuck, and before the big plows arrived. I snapped a pic. May not look like much, but that area, outside the hard pack in the foreground, was a death trap.



Just a thought on your generator delima. If it's only seldom used (as it should be) perhaps using your onboard alternator with a boost converter or a second one with its own dedicated regulator would suffice to keep batteries out of danger. It's not fuel efficient but if it's rarely used then the trade off might be ok? No extra fuels.... no camper space used....


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Bummer, my 3500 with the Aisin has plenty of get up and I still get ~18 mpg with three camper on doing 70 mph, but then again I'm only a smidge over 10k loaded... swing by when you're in the Hood next time, kiting season is just around the corner ;)

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Hey Ryan. Yea I'm at 18,500. Hell, going to make it worse as dragging a CJ behind us this trip too. Heading to Baja next week as me needs some warm. Meadows in April?


After a couple years of searching, I finally picked up a hay wagon running gear. Going to put a wood deck on it. Will provide a great, moveable platform for storing the camper off the truck. Will be nice to be able to move it into the shop. McCormack Farmall 30. Similar to the attached pic.



Thanks X2! However, we really, really need a cabover. Two adults and two teens (although three teens on this last trip to Baja and I suspect that third teen will demand we take her on all future trips to Baja as well (daughter's bestie)), so a cabover is mandatory. Not really sure what path we'll take. Maybe I could just Superglue a couple of old Bigfoots together ;-).


Just realized I never posted a camper pic from Baja. I think I have only one (wife always complains about getting into the camper, so we decided to try and get her to stop up for a couple of days).

Ooops, found another

and another


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