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I have just traded a KZJ71 for my Pajero. I did love that truck and it was amazingly capable but just to rikkity on the road and gravel roads were very sketchy. I'm really getting used to relying on the technology that keeps the mitsubishi moving!


I used stock running board mounts...cut them off the running boards and welded them to the rock sliders. Have held up to a lot of abuse for years now. Stock mounts are strong enough. I have also seen people build there own mounting brackets. Either way works just fine

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No additional modifications yet, just too busy, but I have all the parts for the timing belt, etc as well as the metal for the sliders.

We did do some good wheeling this weekend around Webster Pass and the Montezuma area. Really impressed with the Montero for not even having a lift yet. Very capable and man is it a smooth ride when it gets rocky and rough. Coming from my lifted f250 this feels like a speed demon!!

A Jeep rolled off the narrow part of Webster just a minute or two before we got there. No one was hurt amazingly....

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Thanks. The skids have been working really good. They got a little bit of a workout doing webster with some big rocks getting kicked up. It was nice hearing the loud ding and knowing it was not the transmission pan!

I want to add one more skid over the transfer case but I'm not sure where to mount it for the back attachment, as there is no crossmemeber. Anyone have suggestions?


Update.....Rock sliders, check.

Finally got the sliders done. I thought this would be a fast project, but kind of turned into a pain in the ***. But I think they turned out nice and should offer plenty of protection.

After getting the stock running boards off a little trimming of this big block needed to be done...

I decided to use the stock mounting points from the running boards. They actually were pretty stout and based on others running them I think they should be up to the task. First I had to get them cut off...

Then it was on to mocking up the sliders..

All tacked up and ready for welding..

The finished product...



Niiiice. But I'll warn you those angles sticking out on the ends will protect but will also get hung up on stuff. I learned that the hard way on some I made.

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Thanks guys.

I did consider the wings getting hung up, but it seemed like a lot of the body by the wheel wells would be exposed. I figured it was better to offer some protection and risk getting hung up. If it's a problem it should be pretty easy to cut them back some.


I agree on protecting the body around wheel wells. Hopefully it works out. They look good.

I agree the original brackets are very sturdy!

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Does anyone have pictures or advice on how to install a skid plate that coveres the transfer case? Id like to add another skid plate as it seems the tcase is really hanging out, but I'm not sure where the back mounts should be....??


Yep, I'm looking to go with Boo's as well, my email from them yesterday said they didn't currently see a difference in shipping cost between 1 or more units. But they also mentioned only 3-4 days for delivery - which makes me think air shipping. Given the cost of the shipping (I'm estimating at ~$100) I'm curious if we couldn't find a slow boat shipping rate that makes it more worthwhile. If not I'll be pulling the trigger here pretty soon.

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