Offroad style Popup for sale - SE Texas


A/C Clean, great shape. I have pulled this with a TJ, LJ, JK and a JKU. Sits low enough you feel little to no drag. No idea of weight but easy to pull. Full size beds, sink , stove, AC, $2700 firm. This started out as an 8 foot box. The trailer was built and the camper was set on top of it. it is titled as a homebuilt trailer for this reason in Texas. It has two double sized beds and dinette that makes into a bed almost as big. Will include the Honda 3000 Generator with little to know run time, the rear rack for it and dewalt 1/2 drive drill for $5000

I have pulled this Jeeps and a one ton truck. It pulls great. Pulled it with a TJ, LJ, XJ, JK, and JKU All pull it good.

Pics Below:



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That is awesome and just what I've been looking for. A little out of my budget but it's awesome. Was the pop up on a trailer before and you put it on that frame?


That is awesome and just what I've been looking for. A little out of my budget but it's awesome. Was the pop up on a trailer before and you put it on that frame?
Yes it was on a its own trailer but that trailer is too flimsy so another was custom built that is much more rigid then the camper was attached to it. Better springs and axle were used too.

Where in SE Texas are you? Got any better interior pics, and any guess on the weight?


I am in Beaumont area. That is about as good as you can get, it is not a larger area. What else would like to see better? No idea of weight. Like I said y JK 2 door and 4 door pulled and both og those have small minivan motors in them and are very underpowered before I put 37's on it. I know them original weight on the camper dry was about 980. This one is more but I would guess we added 500-600 lbs of steel to it.


It has been stored indoor and under cover most of its life. I just pulled it out about a month and half ago. I have had quite of travel trailers, popups, and cabovers. I know water will kill them. I have not seen this one leak. I did recoat the seals. They were starting to crack. I used Dicor on all of it. I have camped in the rain with it and the canvas did not leak at all. The AC does work.


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If you were closer to the New England area I'd sell my M416 in a heartbeat for this! My boys would love camping in it!
Good luck with the sale.


Im a teacher

Im a teacher and we are done school on June 18th, this may be worth the road trip in the jeep from PA. Anyway ya can meet anywhere? I want this trailer!!


Drill $150
Rack $200
Generator $2100

I don't want to sell it but if someone wants the complete package, that is the price. If you do not want to buy it for that and would rather buy it all eleswhere I am good with that too. Jatibb, I tell you what, for you I will even through in an igloo cooler. When would you like to come look at it? I will be here all weekend and will gladly open it up for you.

Jeeper, It will be hard for me to get away and my Job will not allow me to go far for long.
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