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I will call ms Narcisse and see if we are able to do it individually with a code or as a group buy.. I will see if the attached form she sent me can be pasted here..getting em to you before you leave shouldn't be a problem at all..

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Extra Large on the T-Shirt and I'm not sure how to answer you on the spot because I have never used one. I am new to overlanding. My truck and camper are almost ready. In fact, this is my first night in the camper! I still have to finish raising the floor on the bed of the truck to accommodate my tail gate, but that should be done tomorrow and I will be heading west by Wednesday.

What's funny is that I still haven't chosen a path to get to Mexico from North Carolina. All I know is that I need to be in Laredo by the 10th of December. Any suggestions on places to stop along the way?

... seems that I'm not going to get a chance to gather my thoughts and bearings until I get on the road... :smiley_drive:

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Here's the t-shirts for those of you who want them.. We have received some requests but feel free to speak up again just in's x-large and large in tan or black.. And women's large and medium in black only (wife says its slimming)..;)) .. Women's cut is slight v-neck women's style..if you want your team number in the box just let me know... We are doing ours in a glow in the dark paint.. Pretty cool..
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View attachment 131212
Hey old MAN !!

How do I reserve or purchase 2 mens extra large shirts in Black and Tan and 1 black in womans small?

See you soon I have my tools for removing Spares!!!.... from rovers left alone for to long.

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Finally got I touch with e woman from spot .. The best way to do it is to email or call the Tom baby's guy and order what you need shipped to wherever you want it to.. This way all of your information is given correctly, just be sure to tell him it is for the Maya Rally charity run and to honor the prices..send me your email address and I can forward you the email from Liana Narcisse.. For some reason I can't get the order form to show on this site..

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I believe the additional shirts as per some requests are completed.. We got some smaller sizes and threw in a couple of XxL sizes also I believe.. Wife is back on Friday and will make sure all shirts to be shipped are shipped if not already and we will be bringing a bunch with us to Guanajuato and beyond..

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I just realized his address to email him is in the reaponse letter from order a spot tracker of whichever one you want..just email him or if you would like to call him I don't have his number but you could call ms Narcisse in the original response letter and I am sure she would be able to put you through to him...

These exclusive SPOT offers includes the following purchase options:
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Your order form is attached. Once your form is completed, you will need to send it to Tom Babb via fax at 985.335.1790 or email to

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