OFFGRID 2001 Ford F550 Flatbed Camper Boondocking rig FS/FT!!!


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I'm gonna reserve comment on the asking price at this time, but I gotta say that is a very cool vehicle, and I wish you the very best on your personal situation... :)


Curious about the “pass through” window. I assume it isn’t sealed, so can’t be left open or used while driving. I watched the video, but could an adult human actually craw through? Any additional description would be appreciated. Also, about how tall is it? Could it fit through a12 foot tall garage door? What about overall length? Sorry if I missed these somewhere. Lastly I’m curious how it handles the cold.


The pass through window is more of a tunnel... it isn’t sealed but I’ve carried a lot of things in there that I didn’t want in the camper itself... two or three full dry bags fits perfectly in there and that’s what I did.... it was never intended to serve as a pass through but something akin to an emergency exit. It is a truck camper that’s been modified extensively, not a all in one camper. It still has the full deataching capabilities that truck campers should have so you can make base camp and take the truck itself places. I’ve tried to climb through there once and I did make it but looked like Jim Carrey crawling out of a rhino’s butt.

it’s been in the 20s and 30s at night the last few weeks here and the camper has stayed toasty warm as you can use a space heater when plugged into shore or run the Espar heater...... the diesel heater has 5 vents directed into the camper space and when running, stays warm as I keep it at a constant 66-68 degrees.... the basement is insulated and all the tanks have heaters

it is about 12’ 5 tall to the very top of the AC unit and it is 27 feet long in total as the camper rides on a 12 foot flatbed...... truck itself is 165” wheelbase
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Had my eye on this before you bought it. Sweet rig. My van purchase just fell through so shoot me a message with your #.


Cool rig and seems nicely sorted! GLWS. I’m in Philly area too, maybe I’ll see you on the road...

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