*OFF THE MARKET *Price drop-2018 Earth Cruiser EXP turbo diesel, Boulder, Co. $239,000! 10th Anniversary Edition *OFF THE MARKET*


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What would a similarly optioned one sell for new, and what would be the wait time if ordered today?
Good question. Last I checked 2 months ago they were taking orders for 2nd quarter which would mean delivery late spring. Likely later than that now. A simularly optioned EXP would be pushing 400k and it would be a gas engine not turbo diesel.


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I just tried selling it to a relative, but his wife butted in. In my opinion, that should motivate him to buy. :)
Probably couldn’t afford it and the divorce 😩 at the same time!

Anyway....one has to hope this sells to a member, so we can continue to enjoy more great pictures of the trails it visits on its go anywhere adventures. This one of those absolutely awesome rigs that keeps me buying powerball tickets every weekend. Seriously! GLWTS.
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Wow, that's beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Are you close to the coast too? I have a few upcoming trips south of the border in the coming year. I'm pretty excited. I've been all over Mexico quite a few times and always enjoyed it. I get to add another country or two down there this time too.


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Happy New Year to all who have followed my posts! Make a resolution to travel more, see and experience things you havnt and most of all have fun and learn while doing it. My Earthcruiser is still for sale. A lot of interest has been shown
and we realize that it is not a light decision to spend this kind of money. For that money though this is a very good deal for what you get and what it cost new a year and a half ago. Cheers!


Not sure if mentioned before, but does it have locking differentials?
ThinairAthlete will probably provide a definitive reply soon, but I’m pretty sure this truck has a stock Fuso limited slip rear differential and either a torsen-style or open front differential. We’ve had two EarthCruisers - our first had the LSD rear and open front and our current has the LSD rear and torsen-style front. Personally, I would prefer either of these to true lockers given the weight of these trucks, the power output of the engines and the characteristics of the transmissions. With our current configuration (LSD rear / torsen-style front) the distribution of traction has never been a problem.

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