**Off the market for the summer -The Ultimate Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme - Massively Upgraded and Customized.


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**Thanks to everyone for all the last minute inquiries but we couldn't make it happen due to our tight time schedule on leaving town for the summer. Will be available again in August.**

The ultimate Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme - you will not find another one like this! Approximately $90K into it. 2 1/2 years old, 2017 model year licensed in October 2017. Excellent overall condition with only minor cosmetic items to disclose.

The trailer came with nearly all factory options including the 270-degree batwing awning system with full zip on side curtains (haven't used them yet but could be very useful if setting up an extended stay camp), onboard forced air heat, AC, fans, TV and entertainment system, etc. The full list of factory options are highlighted in the attached sheet. In addition to the factory options this UEV-490 has the most complete list of custom upgrades you will find in this category as listed below:

  • Installed rigid insulation and custom hard panels in the interior roof, painted to match the rest of the interior. This is really a necessity if you want to keep the trailer warm in the mountains or cool in the desert, even with A/C going.
  • Installed a rooftop MaxxAir vent fan. After using the trailer for a while this was critical in my view. If you want to run incognito and sleep in the trailer just about anywhere its very possible if you don't pop the top up. The problem is the only ventilation is a sliding window right where your head lies while sleeping. If you want ventilation and privacy its not possible. The vent fan solves that and also allows you to move air and humidity - a big concern if you are using the propane heating system in a cold environment, etc.
  • Custom recessed LED lighting that are remote controlled in zones. The lights are in the ceiling and the panels set up in three zones (front, ceiling, back), can be dimmed by zone and turned on or off from an RF remote control.
  • Upgraded speakers to high end JBL speakers.
  • Installed a ShotLock Solo Vault.
  • Custom-installed or upgraded following electrical components:
  • Victron BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor with Bluetooth access and control.
  • Installed Anderson PowerPole connections (two sets into the control panel) on a separately added breaker, two sets to control the macerator toilet.
  • Added high speed USB charging ports and "cigarette lighter" charging (8 total between front left and right, back right and at control center).
  • Installed 100A binding posts (direct 12V power access) in control panel on a separate breaker
  • Removed factory makeshift 120V AC box outlet and installed recessed 120V AC GFI outlets in the side of control panel box and another in the pantry for outside access.
  • Upgraded 1000W inverter to a 2000W Xantrex Prowatt pure sine wave inverter.
  • Installed two transfer switches and wired all AC power through transfer switches to the inverter. This allows AC current to pass through directly when plugged in to shore power but allows all AC outlets and appliances, including microwave and A/C system to be powered by the inverter (A/C system is on its own transfer switch due to the power requirements). This set up allows you to use battery power to run the A/C if necessary (if you find yourself in a situation where you want AC but there are no hookups and you don't have or can't run a generator).
  • Installed 4 100AH Battle Born Lithium Iron batteries. This provides a tremendous amount of usable power as nearly all the AH of Lithium Iron batteries is usable. I'm happy to keep these if a buyer doesn't want some or all.
  • Installed 550 watts of solar panels on the roof. Used lightweight, thin ETFE laminated panels custom made for the project using the most efficient Sunpower solar cells. Unlike most such thin/flexible panels, the ETFE laminate panels have a useful life estimated at 25 years. The solar array is directly wired to an appropriately sized dedicated breaker in the control panel, which allows you to charge batteries via the solar array while also charging from the vehicle alternator while driving, through the factory upgraded 30A dc-dc charger. When not driving, this setup also provides the opportunity to hook up a separate portable solar array through the factory dc-dc charger which has an MPPT charger built in. This would conceivably allow you to run an additional 450 watts of solar from the ground for a total of 1000 watts of solar.
  • Installed a Victron Energy 50A MPPT Smart solar charger behind the control panel to control the rooftop solar panels. The unit is bluetooth enabled allowing you to control the battery charging by the solar panels via your phone.
  • Custom installed a Saniflo Sani-Marin 31C electric marine macerator toilet system along with a convertible black water sewage system and 12-gallon tank. This system was set up to be modular and moveable with quick disconnects on plumbing and water supply. This allows the toilet to be set up and used inside the trailer or easily moved outside the trailer to a tented enclosure for example. The switch from inside to outside use takes about 2 minutes to accomplish and only requires the turn of a diverter valve to make operational. This is one of the best things I ever did with this trailer - We hate porta potties and the like - this give you a real toilet that's easy to use and maintain. The black tank is set up to be emptied by an electric macerator pump which only requires the use of a garden hose for emptying and results in no mess. Its a pretty sweet system that a buyer could keep or I would happily take it off and re-use if its not important.
  • Installed rugged exterior LED lighting around the trailer in seven locations. This lighting is also controllable by the RF remote and is set up in two zones - right side and left side/rear - so that you can turn off one side if its not needed. Another feature is that each zone can be individually dimmed which is nice because the lights can be super bright or dimmed way down. If you are out in the woods or desert with heavy bugs attracted to light this can be really useful - turn up the lights brighter on the far side of trailer and dim them down on the kitchen side and the bugs stay on the bright side. The RF remote can be operated from a good distance, including the tow vehicle, so if you want area lighting while positioning or backing up the trailer, this is a nice feature to have.
  • Upgraded suspension for height/clearance and travel. Shocks were upgraded to to Old Man Emu Nitrocharger shocks. Custom-made springs were ordered from Dobinsons in Australia. They make the original springs and these new ones are meant to give the trailer a few inches of lift. One thing that many people don’t realize is that the added weight getting all the options weighs down the soft suspension and you lose height and travel. These new springs are designed to get the trailer to slightly above the factory height if you don't have the options like the A/C system and solar panels and batwing awning system. It was fun working this out with the Dobinson factory engineers. The springs are installed and the old springs and shocks will go with the rig as backups which can be very handy.
  • Tires were recently upgraded to BF Goodrich K02s which are awesome looking, safer and give some additional height to the trailer.
  • Upgraded water pump to a better on demand pump.
  • Upgraded instant hot water heater.
  • Installed a water filtration system between tank and spigots including 0.5-micron carbon block filter.
We are selling because our use is declining with kids getting older and after some epic trips in the first couple of years. Its time for someone else to let this trailer do what it can. If you really want a UEV-490 you will never find another one like this again. Its fully dialed in and has everything you could want. This rig will get you out there and allow you to stay and be self-sufficient almost indefinitely. The custom upgrades cost $25k, and a tremendous amount of my own time. Selling this baby for $55K OBO which is $35k less than the combined cost of the trailer, factory options and upgrades. The trailer itself is bomber and will last you a lifetime if desired.

Located in Santa Barbara, CA - this listing will be for two weeks only as we will be leaving for the summer.

Let me know if you have any questions.

More Photos to follow tomorrow.IMG_20190614_183847780.jpgIMG_20190614_174817690-4.jpgIMG_20200513_183925718_HDR.jpgIMG_20200513_183955547_HDR.jpgIMG_20200513_184014720_HDR.jpgIMG_20200513_184108923_HDR.jpgIMG_20200513_191352113_HDR.jpgIMG_20200513_185655847.jpgIMG_20200513_185356211.jpg


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I really like how you have integrated the core "life support" systems in this trailer. The way that these combine interior and exterior space is also interesting, allowing shelter in the hard trailer under very inclement conditions, or spreading out into the soft exterior space when weather is good. Your modifications seem well thought out.

What BTU power AC unit do you have, where is it located, and how is it ducted?


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I really like how you have integrated the core "life support" systems in this trailer. The way that these combine interior and exterior space is also interesting, allowing shelter in the hard trailer under very inclement conditions, or spreading out into the soft exterior space when weather is good. Your modifications seem well thought out.

What BTU power AC unit do you have, where is it located, and how is it ducted?

The AC is a Dometic unit with 7k BTUs. The air handler is shown and mounted as in the attached photo - right side door just in front of entrance door and the ducting blows directly into the cabin through a box with ventilation chambers. The compressor is mounted in the larger nose box.

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Multiple requests for suspension photos - upgraded springs and shocks. No one really talks about this but the downfall of having the soft offroad suspension is that once you load it with the factory options it compresses quite a bit, taking away clearance and suspension travel. The new springs gets it back to where it should be from a travel perspective and clearance is improved significantly in combination with the larger tires .

Factory without Options: 36" to bottom of wheel well lip

With Factory Options: 33" to bottom of wheel well lip


New Dobinsons suspension and larger BF Goodrich KO2s: 38.75" to bottom of wheel well lip (a couple of inches of that difference is the increased tire size). Height from top of tire to wheel well lip is now almost exactly equivalent to the original factory setup without options. Overall ground clearance of trailer is improved by nearly 3 inches.

Tires closeup:

New Dobinsons suspension and Nitrocharger shocks closeup:'



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Price drop for quick sale - we are leaving for the summer and want to make it happen before we leave in a week!

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