Off-Road Trailer Build - Pump Trailer Transformation

I bought an old pump trailer at an oilfield auction for $300 a while back and have been slowly tearing it down and transforming it into an off-road camping base trailer.

I've enjoyed following some of the builds you guys post here so I figured I'd share mine to get feedback on progress and hopefully some pointers on getting it finished out.

Here's what I started with...


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Went to work right away stripping/cutting the motor, pump, and other equipment off of it. I listed the old pump on Craigslist and ended up getting $40 less than I paid for the whole trailer.

After a brief attempt of sanding and wire brushing the old paint and rust, I quickly decided sand blasting was the way to go..



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After inspecting the axle and springs, I discovered that the axle was too wide to add bigger tires to the trailer and the rear spring shackle was mounted wrong, the springs wouldn't flex at all...


I decided to to start with a clean slate on the axle and suspension. So it was out with the old and in with the new including brakes...

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Notoriously flexy springs and really stout dampeners. Seems like it should work well for you assuming it carries the intended weight.

I have never seen those load leveler shocks on a trailer before but used them with success on trucks over the years. They are a little bit of a struggle to install sometimes. Watch your mounts; those shocks can put some stress on them.
Thanks for the feedback CWO! I'm hoping it will ride nice once loaded down. I've only driven it with the weight of the box frame I built ontop and refrigerator on it so far but it handled great and didn't bounce at all over bumps unloaded!
After I got it back to standing on its own, I had to add an angle edge around the bed to have a solid surface with clean edges to build on before going vertical.1217192131a_compress58.jpg


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