Off-road camping trailer build


Here are a few pictures of the Awning (annex) walls installed as well as a few of the other bits of the trailer.

The tent wasn’t difficult for me to set up by my self the first time, but two people will be helpful. I started by removing the cover, removing and setting aside all the poles, guide lines, stakes and awning (annex) walls. Next I pulled the tent off the trailer spreading the PVC floor out as tight as I could. This also pulled the two ground length internal poles off the

The walls for the annex are as simple as Velcroing the three panels together and to the tent. They also Velcro along the top. Fully deployed, the tent has two windows with rain covers and six windows that can role up. All windows as well as the two doors have mosquito netting to keep bugs out.

The Kitchen slides out through the opening in the tent panel at the back of the trailer.

The roof vents, there is one in each outer end of the tent.

And the tent stakes. There is a set of the standard size metal stakes as well as an extra heavy duty style that is about 3/8″ thick.



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Ok..NOW I'm offcially jealous as all hell...

That tent design is incredible..fantastic job!!

Do you have an actual square footage of covered area once the annex is deployed? I'd love to know how it performs in a heavy downpour, not that I'd only wish sunshine and blue skies for your maiden voyage..:wings:


p.s. could you tell me how to post pics..I asked the admin with no luck, thanks


I haven't calculated the square footage yet. Something like 225 sq ft n:wings:

I do want to see how it does in a downpour. The wind was coming up and thunder looking clouds rolling over this evening so I went out and deployed a few more guidelines just in case. Was hoping for a big downpour too, but no luck yet. I don't want to leave it up too long (been a week now) but could really use a good rain test.


More details on the kitchen slide-out please!
I just used some heavy draw slides and built a frame out of 1" angle iron. It has a plywood core and is covered in stainless. The sink is a bar sink from Lowe's and the stove is from an RV wrecking yard. I think it is an Atwood 2 burner model. I originally had the tailgate drop down with plans of using it as a shelf. Turned out the sing drain hose to the gray water tote was in the way so I switch to a swing out tailgate. I will be adding a drop down shelf or two to the tailgate to make it usable space.


OlympiaFJ60, so did the weather front that hit Oregon yesterday make it to you for a rain test?

In Salem, I had 50-60 mile-an-hour winds, it rained so hard for 15 minutes that it was coming off the roof in a sheet and we had a lightening strike in the neighbors yard.


Getting ready for a few camping trips I decided to update a few things on the trailer. I removed the vent I had in the side and put an access hatch so I good get to the batteries, inverter and charger without having to take the deck out of the inside.

I also installed an outdoor shower box for rinsing off and the occasional shower. I also have a shower enclosure and use the solar shower bag. I like using the bag because it prevents any one from over using the water. The shower will be plumbed into the lines going to the sink in the rear.

The last thing I did was at a propane bottle bracket. I kept looking (as others have) for the correct solution for my trailer. I was going to use the XL Quick Fists as they have and extremely high rating, but I decided I wanted the tank on the tongue rather than against the box. I ended up bending some 2"x 3/16" strap on my harbor freight bender. Making 90* bends is about all I use it for and it does the job well. I made a 1/4 cage crossed with a full cage that is hinged on the top and uses a heavy locking clasp. It is bolted to the tongue.

The last thing I hope to get done before the trip is the installation of the under body water tank and gray water tank. This will open up considerable storage space and lower the COG even more, as well as move the water weight centered over the axle.


Very Cool

Is this something you could order with a stove jack? Also what is the maximum height the the tent can be mounted to your trailer?
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