Off Road Camp Trailer Build


After 5 years of building my 76 FJ40, I am ready to start another project. I have come to the realization that the dog and wife (neither of which I had when I purchased the FJ40), plus all the camping gear, would not fit. It was either take the 4Runner or Tundra to camp, or build a trailer for the 40. Well, I decided to build a trailer!

Tow vehicle-

Cutting and measuring-

Undercarriage parts from Croft trailer supply, including 6x5.5 hubs!

Trying to get an idea of height-


Water tank placement-

Tacking everything together-

Rolling trailer! (kind of)-

I found a tongue box I thought I'd use, but after looking at it, I'll just make my own. There are a few things I don't like about it that I can fix with my own design.

Making fenders from scratch. They are the same angle/width/height of my 40's rear fender openings-

I made the trailer tongue removable so I could fit he trailer and 40 in one my garage parking spots! It fits with about 2" to spare!
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If you're looking for trailer jack options, check out the Ark XO Jack. It has worked well on my trailer.

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Where's the build thread for the FJ?!?!?! :Wow1:
Hands down, nicest FJ40 I've ever seen. Trailer is gonna look awesome behind that beauty!!
Thanks guys! It's been a ton of work! I've been driving it for about a year now... almost 4,000 miles on it!

Full build thread here on MUD


I fully understand the need of a trailer if you travel with wife and dog
Take care of your FJ40, I also loved this car



Everything about this build is gorgeous: the tow vehicle, the garage where you're building it, AND the trailer.

Did your dog win Best in Show at the Westminster dog show and is your wife a supermodel?


I can barely type after seeing the 2FZ in the 40! :victory: SWEET!!! If the trailer turns out half as nice as the 40, I'll be copying your design! Kudos to you my friend! :drool::


Like to Camp
I too have to say, awesome FJ (which you know... :)), and that V8 will tow awesome!

I have a two-door Jeep TJ that I bought new, and my wife and I have done a lot of two-week trips with it. Living out of the back of the two-door Jeep was tough, being how little fits inside. So, I ended up having a friend with an off-road shop build a box trailer, which I then added a Tepui RTT on top of the trailer. It's changed our camping! So much more comfortable, not to mention that breaking down camp is so much faster with the RTT as I like to move around a lot.

I'm not sure if you mentioned painting your trailer, but I had mine sprayed with Linex. The process was challenging as the local shop damaged the trailer, but overall I'm happy with it. Not much sticks to the Linex and it will never rust. My trailer also has electric brakes as I installed a brake controller in my TJ. Great option and highly recommended for pulling a trailer with a short wheel based vehicle.

Not to added my pictures to your thread, but here is my trailer with Linex, and then out exploring Utah. Enjoy your trailer! :)

P.S. Here is the XO Jockey wheel that was mentioend earlier. Very tough, however I damanged the spring on the lock that holds the wheel in place when stowed, and the dealer has been no help on obtaining me the 50 cent replacement. Still, you could seriously winch/drag your trailer to your FJ with this wheel down, whereas like the original that I use to have (first picture) would have snapped off.

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Getting ready to skin the trailer!

Got the 3 jack mounts welded on and all other welds burned in. Took the fenders off as they will be attached to the 14g skin once it's on.

Will be skinning the trailer this afternoon. More pictures to come soon!