Off Road Adventure Show


I was watching a show the other day sponsered by 4 Wheel Parts.
They choose a letter that was sent in to do a show about building their rig up for them.
One of the shows i saw there was a guy who lost the use of his legs in a bike wreck but and had a nice FJ.
He had done some modes that were pretty slick.
An overhead lift for his wheel chair. An arm slide out of the overhead rack. Dropped a cable that winched his chair up to the back seat.
Reminded me of a rescue helo with the winch out the side door.
He also has rigged his overhead lights to rotated up from a down position as well as panned left to right.

I was just wondering if anybody has seen the show and maybe the same kinds of modes he had done.


2007 Expedition Trophy Champion, Overland Certifie
Acutally Chris is someone I count as a buddy and we are working on some cool stuff together...
Well really I am begging for his handcontrols & chair hoist for my FJC so anyway can take mine for a spin and so he can get attention for these new product lines...
He has his own shop building some really trick stuff and has choosen to make even more products that are useful to the able bodied and disabled alike.
A new rear bumper with swingouts is beyond cool!

the great thing is he designs with a chair in mind and which just means is stuff is easy for anyone to use.....the rear swingouts have a gas strut to keep them in place with helps everyone.

I hope to me making lots of annoucements as things progress for Chris and Lucrum Ind. in the near future....and I hope you Socal guys will see him on the trails...his FJC is hard to miss.