Off market temporarily...Sportsmobile 03 7.3 power stroke 42,000 original


Custom bumper to bumper. 42,000 mile 7.3 diesel quigley 4x4. Lightly used. No abuse, no smoke, no animals. Surf and ski rig. Interior built in a special effects shop, all the very best components, marine, stainless. a lot of sportsmobile factory parts, Too much to list. Lightly used, a one off unicorn. asking $68,000 OBO, no trades, 928-970-0019


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I prefer social distancing.
Nice looking vehicle and ad.
I had a '03 SMB RB50 Q 7.3 too.
Where are you located?


Awesome rig. For a van rig, this is the way to go with the 7.3. And low miles? If I didn't just buy a rig, I'd be driving to pick it up now.


Looks great. The house behind it is my style and the FWC behind it has me drooling and I haven't even got a glimpse of the full rig. Based on my 15 second overview I am guessing that this van is built significantly better than a stock SMB. Unicorn is right. Can't beleive you don't have it priced higher. Good luck with the sale. Pretty sure my current log-in shows I am new but I have been a lurker for over ten years. Someone could buy this and put 100k miles on it and then list it for the same price. Other than carrry costs and repairs that would net out to be a pretty cost effective rig.


Thanks folks. i just retired after 43 years of building mechanical props, stunt rigging, with no budget restraints in a billion dollar hobby shop with very creative and talented minds. everything from Noah’s arc to spaceships that fly, shoot guns, blow up. This project came out of that mindset and talent pool. Not one wood screw or sheet metal screw. All nutserts with stainless machine screws or through bolted. i have pics of the build. It really was hundreds of high $ man hours, Its hard to sell knowing I’ll never be able to reproduce another. We’ve build 53’ special effects Production semi trailers the same way. good enough is never good enough. no creaking, shaking, rattling. The sound dept would ********** to no end trying to loop George Clooney's voice driving the bat mobile If there was a sound coming from something chafing and squeaking. Decades of experienced, licensed, certified welds. Sheet metal work is the best aircraft techs. Lockheed fabricators learned they could make more money building body armor and spaceships than fighter jets. the bullet mustang sold for 3.4 million. This is light years ahead of that. Built by the same guys. I should raise the price and market this differently. Hmmmm.


Oh, it’s in Payson Arizona. It’s been on surf, ski, adventure trips and gets too much attention. Keep the doors closed in public. The BMW grade leather front to rear is $??? Like deer skin gloves. I had the best craftsman in any industry with me, Sorry to go on and on but this rig does just that. The unicorn guy makes me chuckle. He has no idea. Nobody does really. Try drilling 40 holes in a row behind a stainless steel hinge Installing 40 countersunk nutserts, then screwing in the 40 stainless countersunk 10-32 machine screws with your fingers and they ALL go in without any issues. Not to brag it’s just how it is. Throughout.

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Expedition Leader
Superior vehicle. No cheesy Sportsmobile interior for sure and well laid out.
Be patient. 10x the truck over a Sprinter with 265's.