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Expedition Portal would like to introduce Off Grid Trailers and let you know a bit more about them.
In talking with Off Grid they were able to provide us with an overview of their company.

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"Our goal at Off Grid Trailers is to bring backcountry camping to everyone. We are a family oriented private equity backed company with strong manufacturing ties. OGT is an industry mainstay and we want to ensure our customers are treated like family over the long term.

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Duane and the entire team at Off Grid Trailers continue to believe that customers are always the source of success, and that craftsmanship and quality can always improve. Not so different from pushing boundaries in adventure and overlanding, the team at Off Grid Trailers continues to improve through unique design, manufacturing, and genuinely listening to our current and future customers feedback.
Off Grid Trailers starts with building AutoCAD Inventor 3d models to design and run testing simulations. Our 3D models include engineering testing and refinement. Manufacturing and fabrication on our products is state of the art including digital welding, CNC router, laser cutting, and 3D printing.


At Off Grid Trailers, we’ve designed our off-road trailers for traversing the backwoods, venturing off the beaten path and outside campgrounds to truly commune with and experience the wild. But, we know that buying an Off Grid Trailer is an investment and for some, a distant dream. Because we want to connect you with nature, to make that dream a reality for you now, we’ve teamed up with financial partners that specialize in trailer financing.
OGT redefines camping with innovative off-road trailers designed to connect you with nature, inviting you to explore the wild with unparalleled adventure. Bringing backcountry camping into the mainstream, we build durable trailers that can withstand any climate and any terrain. But we don’t just build trailers, we build relationships: with our customers and our team, with our partners and vendors.

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OGT offers one of the highest-quality off-road trailers on the market. We have completely redesigned and re-engineered our models and our Expedition won an award by Overland Journal and New Atlas! We offer a great warranty, fast turnaround, in stock trailers, and many upgrade options so each customer can personalize their trailer."

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I have Demos here in Az to touch and feal! There is a Special one in the shop right now waiting for someone close to the Journal!🤔😉