OBS ford with '08-'16 rear springs


Just saw this. New product? Currently have RSK with rear shackle flip and SD springs on a 4" lift. But certainly not the 8" longer rear springs. ANyone with experiences? Considering this in the future, along with a reduction in height to a 2", and 33's instead of 35's if it makes the ride even better. Eventually going to do atlas springs by weight but that's probably years away - i know the longer sd springs up front (and 2 pack form a SD 250 instead of a 3 pack for a 350) ride so much better... figure the 8" additional length would do the same for the rear.

Also wondering if ayone has ideas about a better bumpstop than the factory hard rubber.


On a Suburban Excursion
Should help the ride and reduce axle wrap with the blocks eliminated. Going from a 35 to a 33 on the same rim will reduce the sidewall so won't help ride. May make it worse, may not make a noticeable difference. Tire pressure has a lot to do with ride quality too...